On this day …….. 21st of April 1934

Chance has played many curious tricks, but never before one such as was played at about 10 o’clock last night, with Madame Prince and her monkey Tarzan the principals in an amazing episode at Wirth’s Circus. Towards the end of their act Tarzan, the monkey shoots, from a distance of 15 feet at a balloon attached to a steel target. Last night the animal’s mistress arranged the pea-rifle, which was loaded with a .22 short cartridge, and the patrons waited expectantly for the report. It came, but according to the police, the bullet completely missed the target and bored its way through a one-Inch plank, then through the canvas tent, to lodge in the back of Charles Alfred Broomhall, 23, of Albion-street, Sydney, an employee of Wirth’s Circus. Luckily, the velocity of the flying pellet had considerably decreased when it struck Broomhall, and the only in jury sustained was a flesh wound. Broomhall was treated at St. Vincent’s Hospital and allowed to leave. He was X-rayed, for the purpose of locating the pellet.