EXECUTED THIS DAY – April 29, 1912


Joseph Victor Pfeffer, 33 years of age, suffered the extreme penalty of the law in the Melbourne gaol to-day for the murder of his sister-in-law, Florence Whitley, at Albert Park. The condemned man appeared resigned to his fate, and took a farewell of his wife yesterday afternoon. He slept well during the night and walked to the scaffold calm and fearlessly. The sheriff, the governor of the gaol, Dr. Godfrey, and half a dozen others were present, in addition to the warders. When asked by the sheriff if he had anything to say, Pfeffer replied in a clear voice, “I have to thank the Rev. Kieth Forbes for his administrations to me, and also the governor of the gaol and officers for their kindness. I am sorry for what I have done, and sorry that I have to leave my wife, children, and mother to mourn my disgrace.” The hangman then adjusted the rope, the bolt was drawn, and Pfeffer, who weighed 10st. 1lb., dropped a distance of 7ft. 10in. Death was instantaneous and without any quivering of the rope. The usual formal inquest will be held this afternoon. A crowd, including a number of women, had collected about the gaol gates, but there was no demonstration.