EXECUTED THIS DAY……. 14th May 1872

The execution of Edward Feeney for the murder of Charles Marks in the Treasury gardens on the 6th March last, took place in the morning at the Melbourne Gaol at the appointed hour of 10. The sheriff (Mr. W. Wright) was present, as were also the governor of the gaol, Drs. Barker and Moloney, the representatives of the press, and a few other persons. When the prisoner stepped out of his cell he appeared to be quite resigned to the awful punishment about to be inflicted upon him, and submitted to the pinioning operations of William Bamford without any visible signs of emotion or fear. The Rev. Mr. Lordan, the Roman Catholic chaplain of the gaol, who had been in close attendance on the prisoner all the morning, read prayers during the whole time he was on the scaffold. When the drop had fallen there were slight spasmodic muscular contractions of the body, which lasted for about two minutes, but it did not seem that there were any remains of life, or that the contractions were different from what are sometimes seen in the bodies of other strongly-formed men in similar positions. All the particulars of the history of the deceased man which are known in this colony have been already published. He was born in Ireland in 1834, came out to Victoria with the 18th Regiment, in which he was a private, in the year 1853, and was for some time latterly employed in the Melbourne Hospital. No public confession was made by him excepting a statement to Mr. Castieau, in which he denied another crime that had commonly been imputed to him besides that of murder.