Executions in Australia were abolished by most of the states in the 1960s – 1980s, excepting Queensland who had abolished the death penalty in 1922.

Queensland’ final execution was that of Ernest Austin on 22nd September 1913. Austin was executed for the rape and murder of 12 year old Ivy Mitchell near Sanford.  He was hanged in Boggo Road Gaol in Brisbane.

NSW’s final execution was that of John Trevor Kelly  on 24th August 1939 at Long Bay Correctional Centre in Sydney.  Kelly was hanged for the murder of Marjorie Sommarlad at Hillcrest.

In Tasmania, the final execution took place in the Hobart Gaol on 14th February 1946.  It was that of Frederick Henry Thompson, a serial rapist and murderer for the murder of 8 year old Evelyn Maughan.

In the Northern Territory, the final execution was a double one at Darwin Gaol on 7th August 1952.  The men were John Novoty and Jerry Koci, aged 20 and 19 years respectively who were hanged for the murder of taxi driver, George Grantham.

Western Australia’s final execution was that of Eric Edgar Cooke on 26th October 1964 at Fremantle Prison.  He was hanged for the murder of 18 year old John Sturkey, but confessed to more murders before his execution.

In South Australia, the final execution took place on the 24th November 1964 at the Adelaide Gaol with the hanging of Glen Sabre Valance for the murder of Richard Strang.

The final execution in Australia was that of Ronald Ryan in Victoria on 3rd February 1967, who was hanged for the killing of a prison officer in an escape from Pentridge Prison.