ON THIS DAY – May 24, 1931


When Henry Sheldon, 21, and William Wallace, 21, appeared before the City Court 0n a charges of murder, Detective Frank Lyon alleged that they, in company with another man, took William Richard Doig, 36, commission agent, of Albert Park, to Seaford 0n May 24, and shot him fatally.

When Mr. P. J. Ridgeway (for Wallace) and Mr. H. Minogue (for Sheldon) asked for bail for their clients, Mr Freeman, P.M., said that he would not fix bail in view of the grave evidence. “I think it is undoubtedly a case that should be mentioned in the Supreme Court,” he added. A remand to June 12 was granted. “On May 25, in company with other detectives, I arrested Sheldon and Wallace and charged them with having shot Doig with intent to murder him,” said Lyon. ” It is alleged that they and another man, on the night of May 24, drove to a reserve near the St. Kilda cricket ground. There, they picked up Doig and drove him to Seaford,” continued Lyon. “On the way an argument occurred, and, when the car got to Seaford Doig was taken out. He was held by Wallace and the other man, while Sheldon shot him. Doig died in hospital 0n May 26. On the morning of May 25 his dying depositions were taken in the presence of Sheldon, and on the same afternoon they were taken in the presence of Wallace. We have other evidence to offer.” In reply to Mr. Ridgeway, Lyon said he did not know when the inquest would be held. The police would endeavor to hold it as soon as possible.  The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.