On this day …….. 25th May 1901

A man named Cummins, who escaped from the Ararat Lunatic Asylum was rearrested at Camperdown. Cummins was being bought by train to Ballarat by Constable’ M’Cahn on the 25th of May 1901, were he managed to escape at the Colac railway station. As the engine was pulling into the station Constable M’Cahn saw Sergeant Dowler a few yards standing on the platform, so he went to ask him to watch Cummins while he got some refreshments. Although only a few moments elapsed until both the police returned, the lunatic had disappeared, and all efforts to discover him, he could not be found. On the 8th of June 1901, Cummins was found at Skenese Creek, Apollo Bay. He was taken straight back to Ararat.