ON THIS DAY – June 7, 1933

Acting Coroner on Orbost Poisoning Tragedy

An inquest was hold late last night before Mr. Allan, acting coroner at Delegate River, where particulars into the tragedy that devastated the home life of the Cullen family were furnished. Mary Kathleen Cullen, 26, residing with her husband, William Cullen at Dellicknora, poisoned herself and her three children, Gwendolyn Gloria, four years; William John Roy, three years, and Margaret Elizabeth, six months, at about 11 pm on Monday. The acting coroner found that Mrs. Cullen died of poisoning self-inflicted, and that Gwendolyn was poisoned maliciously by the mother, At the Delegate morgue the Bombala coroner opened an inquest on the bodies of the other two children, but adjourned it to allow of the Victorian authorities to complete certain investigations.