On this day …….. 10th of June 1876

A powerful and dangerous looking foreigner, Ernest Victor Kodskon, who escaped from the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum on the 10th of June 1876, reached the dwelling of Mr. Ancrum Heriot, and frightened the inmates, as he had a stout stick in bis hand. He craved and obtained shelter for the night, and ate as much as would suffice for three ordinary men. The next morning the police were sent for, and whilst endeavouring to arrest him he struck violently at constable Egan, and were it not that the force of the blow was lessened by the intervention of Mr. Heriot, the constable would have been killed on the spot. As it was the constable received a severe blow on the head, and lost a great deal of blood. The lunatic was handcuffed and brought to Albury, where, on the recommendation of Dr. Andrews, he was remanded for eight days in gaol for medical treatment. It is astonishing some one was not killed by him and that more precautions are not used at the asylum to prevent the escape of such dangerous lunatics. Constable Egan was hospitalised for a week.