ON THIS DAY – June 30, 1942

Threat To Kill At Party .

An amazing story of how a threat to kill a woman was made during the progress of a euchre party was related at the inquest today into the death of Aaron Cephas Gardiner (64) and daughter-in-law, Dorothy Adelaide Gardiner who lived at Oakleigh.

The threat was alleged to have been made a week before Gardiner was found shot dead in an air raid shelter at the rear of his home at Oakleigh. Alice Mary Gardiner, widow of the dead man said Dorothy was a half caste Chinese, and both her husband and Dorothy were argumentative.

Mrs Gardiner said her husband had been drinking on the afternoon of the party, but she did not take him seriously when he threatened to ‘kill a Chinaman, and It won’t be a man; it will be a woman.’

Leslie Francis Emlle Gardiner, a son of the dead man, and the husband of Dorothy, told of returning home on June 30. and in the darkness kicking something, and on turning on the light, finding the body of his wife in a pool of blood. Gardiner’s body was found in the air raid shelter with his head between his knees and a pea rifle near his body.

The Coroner, Mr. Wade, found that Dorothy Gardiner died of effects of head injuries feloniously inflicted by Aaron Gardiner with an unknown weapon, and that Aaron Gardiner died from the effects of a gunshot wound wilfully self inflicted.