Gerry Gee, is a ventriloquist puppet who teamed up in 1956 with Ron Blaskett, only four days before GTV9’s (Channel 9) first live test broadcast from Mt Dandenong.

Gerry was imported from the US at a cost £200 and was named after the station. Ron, his wife Merle (also a ventriloquist) and Gerry are the only survivors of the test broadcast at GTV9 (2016).

The comedy duo became household names as much as any Aussie entertainer, on radio and TV, on The Tarax Show, IMT (In Melbourne Tonight) and Young Talent Time.

The act travelled the world together, playing to millions at the 1975 Toronto Expo, Cyclone Tracey victims in Darwin and Diggers in Vietnam.

Gerry Gee and Ron Blaskett retired together after career spanning 56 years, Aussie TV’s first and foremost ventriloquist duo!