ON THIS DAY…… 26th August 1956

A 15-YEAR-OLD, dark-eyed Italian girl told the Criminal Court that a man who was shot, dead at her home on this day in 1956, had forced his attentions on her. She said the man Vincenzo Impiombato 32, of Lygon st., Carlton forced her to accompany him to Brisbane. The girl Grace Riotto, of Severn st., Moonee Ponds, said she was terrified of Impiombato, who, she alleged, had threatened to kill her and carried a rifle with him in his car and when he went to bed. Her brother, Marco Riotto, 16, has pleaded not guilty to having murdered Impiombato. The girl told the Court Impiombato was a boarder at her home last April.  After he left there, he began meeting her. One night he took her to his place in Lygon st., Carlton, and next day they drove off to Brisbane, sleeping in the car on the way. After a week in Brisbane as man and wife, they re turned to Melbourne. “Threat” She said she returned to live with her parents on August 23. Three days later Impiombato called for her and said he would shoot some bf her family unless she told her parents she wanted to go to Western Australia with him. She said she warned her father, because Impiombato had a rifle. She was in a bedroom when she heard two shots. Before the second shot, she heard her mother tell Marco that Impiombato had come “to kill all the family.” To Mr. F. Galbally (for the defence), the girl said she went away with Impiombato because she was afraid of him. He said he would kill her if she did not do what he told’ her. She had begged him to let her go home. “Might kill” Guiseppe Riotto, father of the accused man, said his daughter told him: “Father, there is Vincenzo with a rifle in his hand. You be careful because he might kill you.” He said he went to the door and Impiomoato called cut to him, “If you move I’ll blow your head off.” He said Impiombato was coming toward him with a rifle when he heard a gun go off, and Impiombato, who was coming up the steps, said: “And now I,am going to kill you and all your family.” His son Marco pushed him aside and he heard another gunshot and Impiombato fell to the ground.  Riotto told Mr. Galbally he reported his daughter missing to the police when he went away from home. Later, he laid charges against Impiombato, alleging abduction and rape.