ON THIS DAY…… 23rd September 1926

Inquiries which resulted in his death were received by a Chinese in a fight with another Chinese in Marion street, Fitzroy, on the morning of September 23. The meat choppers and two knives, as well as a piece of lead piping and a large and heavy stick, were used in the struggle and severe injuries were received by both men., At the end of an inquest the Coroner, Mr D. Berriman, P.M., found Chung Wah Lee, 56 years, a cabinetmaker, of Marion street, Fitzroy, guilty of murder. Lillian Matthews, who described herself as a domestic servant, said, “I lived with Low Jack in a house in Marion street, Fitzroy. I was seated beside the window in my front room at 11:30am on September 23rd, the day on which the fight occurred. Chung Wah Lee was seated with Florrie Jones on the door, step of a house opposite. A man passed and spoke to someone at the door. I then heard Chung Wah Lee say excitedly, ‘you think you are a Chinese king.’ Low Jack made some reply. Chung Wah Lee rushed to my house and broke in the two panels of the front door and smashed the windows. Later Low Jack staggered into the house he was covered in blood and said that he, was dying. He had been stabbed in the chest and his eye was horribly, mutilated. I ran for the police, leaving him in the front room. When I returned I saw him collapse on the front door step. I had not seen the fight but I saw Chung Wah Lee with a chopper and a stick in his hand. Low Jack had a large knife, a large chopper and a tomahawk. When the police arrived Chung Wah Lee wanted to fight Jack again and said. ‘Come I will finish now.”

To the Coroner witness said: Low Jack went to Chung Wah Lee’s house after the windows and door’s had been smashed and made him come out and fight. I could not say whether there had been trouble over Florrie Jones, but sometime before she had broken a window at my house and had been made to pay for it and there had been ill-feeling. The accused said: “I fought with him with his own knife.” The Coroner found that Low Jack’s death had resulted from in injuries inflicted by Chung Wah Lee, and committed him for trial. Senior Detective Jones objected to admitting Chung Wah Lee to bail; but he was bail on two securities of £500 each.