ON THIS DAY…… 26th September 1934

After a retirement of about three hours the jury found John Hope Boles guilty of the murder of Kathleen Dorman aged 28 years on this day in 1934. They added a strong recommendation to mercy. Mr. Justice Gavan Duffy, before whom the case was tried in the Criminal Court, sentenced Boles to death, adding that the recommendation would he forwarded to the proper quarter. Boles was charged with the murder of Miss Dorman in July, 1933. He was arrested a year after the murder at Ensay, near Omeo, where he had been working as a rabbit trapper. Mr. Mulvaney, who appeared for Boles, indicated that the defence would be a plea of temporary Insanity. He called evidence to show that Boles had talked of suicide before the murder, and he also called psychiatrist, Dr. Godfrey, to prove that Boles was of neurotic temperament. Boles, in a statement from the dock, said that his relationship with Miss Dorman were of the most innocent kind. Both of them were passionately In love, but when he lost his employment he could think of nothing but suicide. When he called on Miss Dorman for the last time he intended to leave her, and then take his own life. He had no recollection of events immediately before or after the murder, and it was not until some time after he left Miss Dorman’s house that he realised that he had done something terrible.  Boles, who was greatly affected while making his statement, concluded saying: “Whatever happens to me now whatever the verdict may be, no one can feel the terrible horror that I feel when I realised what I had done to her the only one In this world that I loved and adored.”