On this day …….. 26th September 1896

An inmate of the Lunatic Asylum at Sunbury, names John O’Brien made his escape on the 26th of September 1896, got on the railway line and walked towards Footscray. He was followed by a warder on horseback, but through the horse, breaking, down a ceed any further. A telephone message was therefore sent to the Footscray police and Senior-Constable McGrath and Constable Gierck proceeded to Victoria street, near where they met the escapee. He was detained here for the night, and sent back next morning in charge of warder. It appears that O’Brien, who is a powerful man, has been an inmate of the asylum for 9 years, and has often shown signs of violence, but although he endeavoured to avoid arrest, he submitted quietly when he saw no chance of escape.