On this day …….. 27th September 1919

The police of Bourke street West Watchhouse, Melbourne, vouch for this story about a cockatoo. Some months ago Mr Pearson, licensee of a South Melbourne hotel, reported the loss of the bird, which he valued at £50. On Friday a plain-clothes constable traced the bird to a house in Park street, Melbourne, and arrested a woman on a charge of having stolen it. Then Mr Pearson was invited to the watchhouse to identify the bird. What happened in actual fact was that cockatoo identified Mr Pearson. As Mr Pearson entered the room the bird immediately recognised his former owner, shrieking excitedly. The cockatoo cried out, Hullo, Pearson! Bring a whisky and soda for cocky,’ beating the sides of the cage in such a frenzy that the amazed police were prepared to believe that the bird had had one already that day.