On This Day – October 3, 1907

The circumstances surrounding the shooting of Mr. Samuel Jones, of the Victorian Railways, in Spencer street, 0n October 3, were yesterday inquired into in the City Court, when Joseph Thomas, alais Jos. Thos. Young, was charged with shooting with intent to murder Mr. Jones. The evidence given by Samuel Jones, senior superintendent of transportation, was to the effect that while crossing Spencer street to Collins street at about 5.30 on the evening of October 3, he felt a blow in the back, as if he had been kicked. He also felt a slight sting, hearing at the same time the discharge of a revolver. Another shot was fired and the witness threw himself on the ground. As he rose to his feet he saw a man like the accused with a revolver pointing at him. The man, after placing the revolver in his pocket, walked off in the direction of Flinders street. Though he did not remember seeing the accused before he had seen the papers regarding his dismissal from the department. He was a supernumary porter and was found guilty of insubordination. Wm. Thompson, carrier, of Kyneton, told the bench that when he saw the accused fire the second shot he followed him, when he made off, and saw him arrested. The accused appeared to be silly. Evidence was given by Constable Geelan to the effect that from what he was told when at point duty at the corner of Market and Flinders streets, he went to the Queen’s Wharf, where he stopped the accused. Thompson, who came up, said the accused had shot a man and the accused was then arrested. The accused was then committed for trial.