ON THIS DAY – October 8, 1942

George Frederick Wellington Maes, 35, a member of the CMF, pleaded not guilty in the Bendigo Supreme Court yesterday to a charge of having murdered his wife, Olive Freda Maes, 20, and their 10-month-old son, at Boort, on October 8.

Maes, in evidence, said his wife used to nag him. She often had  said that if she did not have the baby she would go to dances while he was on duty. On October 8 he saw her hitting the child about the head with a waddy. He tried to stop her, but she ran out of the room. He followed and she swung the waddy at him. He picked up a pea rifle and, without taking aim, pulled the trigger. She fell and he dragged her into another room. When he saw her eyes move he reloaded the rifle and fired another shot into her forehead as he did not want her to be in agony. He did not kill the child.

The case was adjourned.