On This Day – November 27, 1890

A revolting murder is reported as having occurred at Mount Riddle, three miles from Healesville, where the naked trunk of a man has been discovered, slightly covered with earth and boughs. It was found beside the bank forming a waterhole in a paddock belonging to Mr. Steel, J.P. The body was terribly mutilated, as if with a tomahawk. The severed limbs were found under a hut about 300 yards from the body, which is supposed to be that of an Indian hawker. From appearance the body had been dead about a week. The Government have offered £50 reward for the arrest of the Hindu hawker named Fatta Chand, who is suspected of the murder of a fellow country man named Mull at Healesville. On the 30th of November Fatta Chand was arrested eighteen miles from Geelong while having tea. He had proceeded by steamer from Melbourne to Geelong, evidently to make his way up country.