ON THIS DAY – December 10, 1912

Murder Charge.

The trial of Walter James Anderson for the murder of Fred Flint, who met his death by poisoning at Merriman’s Creek, on Tuesday, December 10, took place on Wednesday at the Sale Supreme Court, before Mr Justice Hood. Mr Leon prosecuted for the Crown and Mr G. A. Maxwell, instructed by Mr Rice, appeared for accused. The following jury was empanelled — M, Taylor (foreman), A. Hogg, W. ; Elaton, T. J. Austin, J. M. Murphy, H. M’Lean, S. R. Lyndon, L. L. Atkinson, A. H. Latham, Clive Lett, F. Andrews, and J. Buchan. The evidence given at the inquest, with which our readers are conversant, was repeated. The jury retired to consider their verdict at 5.27 p.m., and six hours later, not having agreed, they were called into court. His Honour said he understood there was no chance of the jury agreeing. The Foreman : Not the slightest, your honour. His Honour then discharged the jury, remarking that they had no doubt considered the evidence carefully. Prisoner was then remanded for trial at Bairnsdale on 15th April.