The inquiry into the death of Dagmar Louisa Scott, who was found dead at Spring Gully on December 14, was resumed at Castlemaine by the coroner (Mr. S. J. Goldsmith) on Monday. The husband, Robert Scott, was present in custody on a charge of murder. The principal witness was Thomas Kaiser, brother of Mrs. Scott, Who deposed to being at Scott’s house on June 22, when a quarrel arose over Scott having gone secretly to Melbourne. He heard Mrs. Scott say, “You have been to Melbourne to see that other woman of yours, Mrs. Saunders.” Scott replied, “Whether I have been to Melbourne to see that other woman or not, if I hear any more of it I will blow your brains out, and Saunders’s, too.” Mrs. Scott then rushed out of the house, but came back later on, and she and Scott had a quarrel outside, and she fainted. Scott carried her into the house, and she soon revived, and the quarrelling recommenced. Witness was going away, but deceased implored him not to, saying, “As sure as you go he will murder me.” Scott said, “It is all right, Tom, you can go; I will not harm her. On the day of the tragedy he went to Scott’s house and saw the body. Scott said, “This is a fine thing, isn’t” it?” Witness replied, “Yes. You are at the bottom of the lot. You have well murdered her. You threatened her before in front of me. and you have done it now.” Scott made no reply. Charles Saunders, a miner employed under Scott at the Spring Gully dredge, gave evidence that immoral relations had existed between Scott and his (witness’s) wife, in consequence of which Mrs. Saunders left home early last March, and had been in Melbourne ever since. Witness had been on friendly, terms with Scott, and continued to work under him. Alice James, housekeeper for Saunders, gave evidence as to seeing: Scott and his wife going towards the tailings heap, and hearing the shot fired. Mrs. Scott appeared unwilling to go. and just as they reached the high bank Scott gave his wife a push, and they both disappeared behind the high hank, and the shot went off. The coroner found that death was due to a shot fired by Robert Scott, who was committed for trial on a charge of murder.