On this day …….. 16th of December 1994

Perth is the latest destination for UFO’s according to security guards who claim to have been followed by strange lights around the central business district overnight. National UFO Reporting and Sightings Hot line spokesman Ross Dowe said the sighting was the fourth since last weekend, with other UFO sightings in Victoria, South Australia and NSW. Mr Dowe said three security guards reported seeing a bright orange object, about the size of a semi-trailer, at 3am today, and that five people reported seeing a UFO flying over the Sale RAAF base, east of Melbourne, last Sunday. He said the reports stated the people had seen a number of small lights three times within 10 minutes. At the third appearance the lights merged together and exploded above the RAAF base, lighting up the sky, he said. In Orange, a farmer claimed to have seen an aqua blue object with a silver flame at about 9pm on Saturday night. Mr Dowe said a woman who was driving on Tuesday night in Adelaide said she became engulfed in a “dense, dusty fog” and experienced electrical problems with her vehicle. The woman reported being near the site of a research paddock which had its crop flattened in one corner into the shape of a circle.