On this day …….. 18th of December 1894

An escaped lunatic from the Ararat Asylum, William Price was recaptured at his parents house in Corop, a small town near Bendigo. The police who were on the lookout for Price, escorted him to the Bendigo Hospital. It is believed that after escaping from the Bendigo Hospital he walked home and appeared quite rational. On the 18th of December 1894 at his parents house, Price violently struck his sister over the head with an iron bar, killing her. On the 23rd of December Mr Smith, J.P held an inquest before a jury of five in relation to Miss Prices death, found that she died from paralysis brought on by shock to the nervous system. The body bore traces of smaller injuries, suggesting the deceased had probably been shoved about by her brother. Price was arrested for the murder of his sister, at the time of the arrest he was so violent that he had to be put in a straight jacket. On the 22nd December Price was sent to the Kew Asylum.