ON THIS DAY ……… 30th March 1937

The police are now in possession of a fairly reliable description of Iike physical characteristics of the woman whose arms and legs were found floating in an untied sugar bag in the Yarra, on the 30th of March 1937. Pathologists have determined the woman to have been between 30 and 40, well built, slightly over five feet in height, with probably brown. Necessarily the description is more or less a conjecture. Although nothing more dependable can be obtained from the scanty evidence available it restricts the field of identification. With this guide the police are now searching scores of files relating to women corresponding roughly with this description who have been reported missing since the beginning of the year. Dragging the Yarra in the hope , of recovering other parts of the body has been unsuccessful. Good fingerprints were secured from a skin glove taken from the right hand.