ON THIS DAY …. 8th April 1912


Police investigated the death of William Hughes Parker. The tragedy was complicated by the temporary disappearance of Frederick John Parker, an elder brother of the dead man. On this day in 1912, a tall young man, dressed in a blue sac suit and a blue sweater, walked into the Detective Office and informed Detective Johnson that he was Frederick Parker. He had read an account of the death of his brother, and until that time was unaware that his brother had died. He had stayed the night at a restaurant in the city. Detective Johnson detained him until the arrival of Detective Bear, who has charge of the investigation. Parker declined to make any statement. Frederick Parker has a recent cut on his upper lip, the wound was stitched at St. Vincents Hospital, Parker was locked up by Detective Bear and Constable Brown in the city watch house on the charge of the wilful murder of his brother. Before Frederick Parker was locked up the coat he was wearing when he called at the Detective Office was taken possession of by Detective Bear, and another one was supplied to him.