On this day ….. 19th of April 1999

Nicole Amanda Patterson was a 28 year old psychotherapist and youth counsellor employed with the Ardoch Youth Foundation, an organisation formed to assist young drug users. Patterson had desired to operate her own private practice and was using her Northcote home as an office. She placed several classified ads in a local newspaper, the Northcote Leader, in an effort to expand her client base. Two neighbours reported hearing the screams of a young woman coming from Patterson’s house between 9.00a.m. and 9.30a.m. on the day of her murder. Attempts by Patterson’s boyfriend to contact her in the afternoon failed, raising suspicions. On 19 April 1999 the body of Nicole Amanda Patterson was discovered by a friend in the front room of her Harper Street, Northcote residence. Patterson’s friend had visited to attend a dinner engagement. Upon hearing music from a radio and discovering the front door unlocked, she entered the house and found the body of Patterson severely mutilated. Patterson died from 27 stab wounds to her chest and back. Her body was discovered naked from the waist down, with her skirt found in a nearby bedroom and her underwear around her ankles. Small pieces of yellow PVC tape were attached to her body and both of her breasts had been removed using a sharp knife. Her handbag and driver’s licence were stolen during the attack. The murder weapon and Patterson’s breasts have never been recovered.