On This Day……… 7th April 1857


On this day in 1857, Rosanna Nicholls had the dubious honour of being the first person to be sentenced to death in Beechworth. Rosanna was convicted of murdering her child and ordered to be sent to Melbourne for sentence to be carried out. Rosanna missed another first, if she had been executed she would have been the first woman to hang in Victoria.



On This Day……… 7th April 1865

The notorious bushranger Dan Morgan had heard that the Victorian Police had challenged him to try his luck south of the NSW boarder, which he took up the offer. On this day in 1865, Morgan visited Evan Evans to settle an old score in the King River. Hearing the police were on his trail, Morgan headed to the Warby Rangers near Wangaratta.



On This Day……… 7th April 1845

On this day in 1845 two men named, Mad Arthur and Kurrajong Sawyer, rolled down a hill in Windsor, New South Wales, from Freeman’s Australian Hotel to Blanchard’s Hotel for a small wager. They got off to a start, but Kurrajong Sawyer was the clear winner, beating Mad Arthur by nine minutes.



ON THIS DAY – April 7, 1912


Jason O’Mahoney was charged at the Criminal Court, with manslaughter of his wife, Catherine, at Carlton, on April 7. It was alleged by the Crown that O’ Mahoney had knocked his wife down and had caused the injuries which resulted in her death. O’Mahoney denied that he had kicked his wife. The injury which caused her death was brought about by her having fallen over the bedstead. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty, and O’Mahoney was discharged.


On This Day – January 30, 1947

Melbourne’s ‘Chinatown’ has been subjected to an Intense search by many detectives and police since the murder last night of Yung Shlng, 53 year old bosun of the freighter Fort Abltiba.

Shlng was shot dead In a taxi at point blank range. The owner-driver of the taxi, Robert Sydney Pack, was shot in the abdomen and the leg and was admitted to hospital in a critical condition. Pack told detectives that both he and Shlng were shot when they refused an order by two other men to hand over their money, but detectives are puzzled by the fact that the killers did not touch £156 in Shing’s pocket, and also left behind £10, which police found in the seat of the taxi.

The killing was discovered when detectives Investigated a taxi parked in the middle of the road with the motor still running. They found Shlng dead in the front seat and Pack lying wounded in the back seat. Pack told the police that while driving the four men to the docks one pressed a revolver against his’ ribs and ordered him to get into the back seat. He said one of the others joined the gunman and shots were fired. Police believe that the shooting is a prelude to gang warfare, involving customers of a Chinese gambling den.

Inquiries have disclosed that Yung Shlng had won between £5000 and £8000 In gambling over the past two months.