On this day …….. 2nd of June 1915

Arthur William Hope, 26, who was in custody in the Geelong gaol for larceny, offensive behaviour, and vagrancy, was to have appeared in the Police, Court on the 2nd of June 1915, but he escaped while being escorted by Senior Constable Allen from the gaol to the court a distance of a 100 yards, when he asked permission to speak to Mr Hooper at his grocery store not 50 yards from the court. Hope said, Hooper would be prepared to pay his fine that might be imposed upon him. The policeman allowed Hope to enter the shop by a side door, but the prisoner simply walked through the premises into another street and bolted, followed by the officer. Constable Allen, order a man in his car to stop, he climbed in and they followed Hope, closely. Hope found a bicycle which was outside a shop and rode furiously
along the footpath to avoid the capture. Hope managed reached his mothers house in Villamanta street, Geelong West were he dashed through to the back over the fence and though three houses before his disappeared into a lane. On the 7th of June Hope, was recaptured and on the following day he was charged in court with larceny, being a rogue and vagabond, and with being without lawful means of support. The first charge was dismissed, but on the second and third charges Hope was sent to gaol for 12 months.