ON THIS DAY ……. 3rd June 1849

Sarah Mullins, alias White, convicted of the manslaughter of Kelly, was next brought up for sentence. His Honor said she had had a very narrow escape from the sentence of death, as it was quite open to the jury upon the evidence to have returned a verdict of guilty on the capital charge of murder. He knew she was drunk, but that was no excuse at all, for he bad often laid it down, that a prisoner who committed an offence whilst drunk must bear the full responsibility. The jury had convicted her of manslaughter, but a recent act prevented him from passing a sentence of transportation, other-wise he should have felt it his duty to have done so. Various punishments had been provided in lieu of transportation, and his Honor thought he should be dealing leniently with the prisoner in sentencing her to the least period of imprisonment substituted for seven years transportation, which was two years. That sentence he accordingly passed.