On this day …….. 8th of June 1916

Peculiar and painful complications occurred on the 8th of June 1916 in connection with the burial of two soldiers in training, Private Thomas Crockett, of Milawa, and Private Pollard, of Wodonga, who died in Melbourne from meningitis. The remains were placed in the van of the morning train at Melbourne, and on arrival at Wangaratta one coffin was taken away by an undertaker, assisted by a member of the railway staff. On the arrival of the train at Wodonga it was discovered that an error had been made, and that Private Pollard’s coffin remained at Wangaratta instead of Private Crockett’s. The information was telegraphed to Wangaratta, and a motor car despatched by the stationmaster overtook Private Crockett’s funeral procession, nine miles away, and within three miles of the cemetery. A special engine and truck were sent to Wangaratta for Private Pollard’s coffin, and the remains were taken to Wodonga at 4 p.m. By a curious omission, the special train did not bring Private Crockett’s coffin, but the ordinary train shortly followed the special, and only a brief delay fortunately occurred.