ON THIS DAY – June 17, 1881

A young man named William Bristow, aged 23, – a resident of Williamstown, met with a frightful death at the steam stone-crushing works, Williamstown Junction, at half -past 2 o’clock on Friday afternoon. The deceased was engaged to break the larger stones ready for the crusher, which was fed by a lad named Murray. Murray left the machine for a few minutes to get a drink at the water-tap, and on coming back saw the deceased in the act of putting a stone in the iron jaws, when he suddenly disappeared. He fell head foremost into the fly-wheel of the crusher, and was instantly crushed to death, The head, when liberated, was hanging from the body; one arm was found about 12ft. away. The deceased had been suffering from a weak knee, which he had injured some time previously, and it is conjectured that in leaning forward his injured knee caused him to slip, and he fell into the wheel as stated