ON THIS DAY – July 17, 1946


The Coroner (Mr Marwick) . at the inquest today into the death oF Philip Elmore Johnson, 65, labourer, near Mornington on July 12 committed Trevor McKenzie, tailor, of Melbourne, for trial on a charge of murder. Johnson’s body was found under a sheet of iron near a hut on July 17. Detective J. Heath of Fitzroy, said that McKenzie telephoned him on July 17 and said: “I have murdered a man. It is awful.” Later at the Fitzroy police station he said that McKenzie told him that the murdered man was a man with whom he had been living at Hastings.


Detective C. H. Petty said that McKenzie made a statement to the police in which he said: “Johnson lived on next to nothing and when I ordered more food he growled. He would not let me listen to anything humorous on the wireless. On July 17 we had an argument about food. He went crook on me for sitting in front of the fire. He went outside and I got a gun and put two cartridges in it. I saw him come around a tree. I aimed and must have pulled the two triggers at the same time. I got an axe but do not remember whacking him with it.”