On this day …….. 25th of July 1851

From the mid 1800s, writings about strange ape-like creatures in Australia abounded. One of these was a diary entry from the Connondale region of southeast Queendland, written on the 25th of July 1851, which stated:
“They are short, stout and of very muscular appearance. They are covered in thick black hair…Their hair and beards are long…They are completely naked…the stench of their body is unbearable…great hunters of the forests and jungles…They come and go without being seen. They can hide in the undergrowth in such a manner that one can be touched or struck without their person being visible. I am to wonder if these are the same people…who take people away when they dare enter the forests and jungles…the women made grunt-like expression during contact…the child hung to its mother on the breast in the manner of an ape. These were the Woningityan/Won-ingee-tyan – the shadow men creatures of the jungles and forests…”