On This Day…….11th of July 1896

A lunatic named Geo. Stone, 50 years of age, escaped from the Windermere asylum in Ballarat, on the 11th of a July 1896, and entering a tram car in the botanic gardens where he rode into the city. Constable Patterson apprehended Stone, who kicked the policeman and tore the skin off his face with his fingernails of the constable before Stone was mastered and placed in a strait jacket. Stone was a farmer at Windermere, and was committed to the asylum only a few days ago. Prior to his confinement in the asylum he located his parents, both of whom are nearly 80 years of age, and lopped the tails off several horses on the farm.

On This Day …….. 11th July 1905

A man who first gave the name of Daniel Reardon, but after being arrested the police found his real name was Dillan Mackay, was before the Albary court on the 11th July 1905, on a charge of being of Unsound mind. When his name was
called he stared his arms dramatically and loudly sang ‘The Battle of the
Boyne Walter. The man alleged he had escaped from Yarra Bend lunatic Asylum.

On This Day…….8th of July 1934

George Fairburn, alias Fuller, 41, a Pentridge prisoner, escaped from the Creswell Sanatorium at Mont Park on the 11th of July 1934. The penal authorities, who have appealed for public co-operation in recapturing Fairburn, state that he had been placed in the Sanatorium because of illness. He was suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, which in its present form in Fairbuir, is highly infective. The escape was certified as having but a short while to live, and, for this reason, it was not thought necessary to place a prison guard over him.

On This Day……7th July 1870

James Geary was committed to Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum on the 24th of November 1867, and was discharged on the 12th of October 1868. Geary was committed for a second time on the 26th of October of the same year. On the 7th of July 1870, Geary escaped by walking out of the Asylum and into the bush.

On This Day……7th of July 1925

A dangerous lunatic escaped from Mont Park Hospital on this day in 1925, and was recaptured by an attendant a few miles from the institution. He gave no trouble, and returned quietly withhis captors – Another escapee said to be dangerous was still free.

On This Day…… 6th July 1886

Escaped Lunatic – John Fleming

John Fleming, a lunatic at Yarra Bend, escaped from the cook-house of the institution on the 6th of July, and could not be traced. The police have been apprised of the escape, and requested to forward any particulars of his whereabouts which they may obtain to the authorities.

On This Day…….6th of July 1902

Riddell’s Creek

One of the inmates of the lunatic asylum at Sunbury escaped on the 6th of July 1902, but was caught at Riddell’s Creek by one of the warders, assisted by Mr. J. Keiley. The man had been out all Saturday night, which was a rough and wet one. He said he was anxious to go to Sydney.

On This Day…… 5th July 1874

John Butler was transferred from the Collingwood Asylum to the Ararat Lunatic Asylum on 16th of November 1868; he had been committed by his wife Mary from kangaroo Flat, Sandhurst. Butler was known by police as a violent man, prone to public outbursts. On the 5th of July 1874 he escaped but was recaptured on the 9th of July. On the afternoon of the 15th of July 1874, Butler again managed to slipped away while playing football with other patients at the Asylum, but was recapture shortly after. Butler escaped again on the 22nd of December 1874 and wasn’t found until the 12th of August 1882. Butler was transfer to the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum on the 18th January 1883.

On This Day …….. 4th July 1905


A dangerous lunatic named Smith escaped from the main building of the Ararat lunatic Asylum about 7pm on the 4th of July 1905. It is not known how Smith managed to open the front door of the Asylum but its possible he fund some wire and picked the lock. Smith has been an inmate of the Asylum for
over 20 years, and the authorities are treating his escape with much concern. Smith was never found.

On This Day……. 28th June 1913


It was reported to the police on the morning of the 28th June 1913, that Michael Coglilan, an inmate of Yarra Bend Asylum, who escaped from the institution. The escaper was described as 40 years of age, 5 feet 16 Inches in height, slight of build, with black whiskers. He was wearing a brown tweed- suit, with long cut coat, and a brown felt hat.


On This Day …….. 27th June 1930

About midnight on the 27th of June 1930, the Daylesford police went to Bullarto in response to a report that an armed man Norman Brown aged 34, was threatening a family there. They found that a man, who it is said is an escapee from Sunbury Asylum, had secured a rifle, and during a general melee had smashed furniture in the house of a female relative with an axe and fired a riffle shot, at her beside threatening other, members of the family. When the police arrived the man barricaded himself in a room. When a demand was made that the door should be opened, the man cocked his riffle. The police guarded the house until daylight, when they forced the door and found the man lying on a bed with two rifles beside him. He was taken back to Sunbury.


On This Day……. 26th June 1922

A search is being made by the Bendigo police for an inmate of the Sunbury Lunatic Asylum, who is stated to have escaped from custody. He is a powerful man and while detained in the receiving ward at the Bendigo Hospital made an attempt to escape. It then took several men to overpower him and convey him to the wards.