On This Day – 1st March 1854

On the 1st March 1854, Catherine Smith, female turnkey of the Geelong gaol, described a lunatic prison Ann Connelly. The Prisoner was rather violent and was very dirty in her habits, and required attendance as a child. She has been obliged to keep her bed from dysentery, and had to keep one of the female prisoners constantly in attendance upon her. She has been well and carefully treated, the doctor seeing her constantly. She has been confined to her cell for the last fortnight. Her cell was very offensive, notwithstanding all our efforts to keep it otherwise. Staff had to separate her in consequence, and place her in a private cell, which is very small, and exposed to the noise arising from a woman, who is constantly making an uproar.



On this day ………… 29th February 1932

Detectives made inquiries into the incident have ascertained that another youthful prisoner assisted Reginald James Barker (18 years) in his daring attempt to escape from the Pentride Gaol at Coburg, Melbourne on this day in 1932. It Is understood that this youth, will probably be charged with having assisted Barker to escape. Thomas O’Dowd, the warder who was shot by Barker, is still on the danger list.



On This Day – 29th February 1864

Convicts John Sullivan and Williams James were charged with fighting at Geelong Gaol on this day in 1864. Both men were charge by turnkey Bourke. Sullivan was given 21 days and James was given 7 days in solitary confinement on bread and water.



On This Day – 29th February 1864

Convict John Yates was charged with making a noise in his cell, on this day in 1864. Yates was charge by the overseer of work at the Geelong Gaol, and was given 24 hours in solitary confinement on bread and water.



On This Day – 29th February 1868

Convict Bridget McMahon was charged with striking a fellow female prisoner at the Geelong Gaol. McMahon was charge by the female turnkey Murphy, and was given 3 days bread and water.