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ON THIS DAY…… 20th December 1877

A man named Edward Heyward was charged at the Geelong police court on this day in 1877 with attempting to stab another man named George Shipway, on the 17th of November. The prisoner was remanded to the Geelong Gaol.


Edward Wyndham was born in 1888 in New Zealand. In Victoria he spent time in Melbourne, Pentridge and Geelong Gaol. On the 16th of August 1934 Wyndham was charged with larceny and spent 3 months in Geelong.

ON THIS DAY……19th December 1891

A young man named William Trask was brought up on remand on the charge of assaulting and robbing a shearer, named Robert Stewart, of £6 17s. Trask was remanded to the Geelong Gaol for three months.


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ON THIS DAY…… 18th December 1901

The prisoner at Geelong Gaol, John Gambil whose name figures upon the gaol records very frequently for disorderly conduct and breaches of gaol discipline, was brought before the visiting magistrates on this day in 1901. Evidence was given by two doctors that the man was Insane. Gambil was committed to the asylum at Kew.

On this day …….. 18th of December 1891


On the 18th of December 1891, a group of 11 prisoners were being transferred Melbourne Gaol to Geelong Gaol by train. While at Spencer street station it was noticed that one of the prisoners had escaped. The alarm was raised and the city police with wardens were dispatched, while the remainder of the prisoners were taken to Geelong.

On this day …….. 17th of December 1945


After overpowering a guard a prisoner escaped from a military detention barracks at the old Geelong Gaol on the 17th of December 1945. The prisoner managed to climbed into the guard’s tower where he overpowered an elderly returned soldier who was on guard duty, using the butt end of the guard’s rifle, he violently striking him in the face. It was some time before the guard was discovered. In the meantime the telephone to the tower was cut and the prisoner then let himself out of the gaol.


ON THIS DAY…… 17th December 1901


Warder Lewis, of the Geelong gaol, has received Instructions on this day in 1901, to proceed to the Sale gaol. No reason is given for the transfer, which is said to have come about because Lewis is suspected of having divulged the state of affairs existing in the Geelong gaol.

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ON THIS DAY…… 16th December 1972

12312352_223107614687041_66878109_nEdwin Eastwood famous for the Faraday School Kidnapping in 1972, and Michael Pantic escaped from the Geelong Gaol on the 16th of December 1976. The men tunnelled though two doubled skinned brick wells, cut through a padlock to an outside excise yard and scaled the external wall and were able to steal a car to make his get away, before the men parted ways. Eastwood walked into the Wooreen State School in Gippsland on the 15th of February 1977, where he kidnapped a teacher and nine pupils, forcing them into a van. While driving off, he collided with a truck and held the driver and his partner hostage. Soon another log truck came along and Eastwood waved it to a stop, and took the drive and his mate hostage. The next to arrive was two lady’s towing a caravan, which where also taken hostage. Once Eastwood had sixteen hostages, he demanded a ransom from the Victorian Government of US $7 million, weapons, 100kgm of heroin and cocaine, and the release of seventeen prisoners from Pentridge. One of the hostages managed to escaped and notified police. Once Eastwood realised that one of his hostages was gone he fled the seem with the remaining hostages, locked in the campervan. A police block and gunfire at Woodside was enough to stop Eastwood, where he was shot below the right knee and re-captured. Eastwood was charged and pleaded guilty to 25 charges, including 16 counts of kidnapping and was sentenced on 8 November 1977 to 21 years with a non parole period of 18 years. Eastwood was released in 1993 after choosing to decline parole offered in 1991.


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