Is your Dad afraid of the dark? Would you like to scare him? Why not join the team at Twisted History this Father’s Day for a night of fun as we explore the haunted Geelong Gaol. For information please call 1300 865 800


On This Day ……. 21st of July 1923

An elderly woman Mrs Drew, who was found under filthy conditions in an outhouse in the Market Square several weeks earlier was placed under arrest by Constable Jackson and remanded to the Geelong Gaol Hospital, she died suddenly at 9pm on this day in 1923. The matter has been reported to the police with a view to the facts being placed before the coroner.


We recently had a photo sent in from a customer who had taken pictures while in a small group on a Ghost tour here at the Geelong Gaol.  The first photo is from the customer, the second is taken by Twisted History the following night of one of our guides standing in the same spot.  These are as they have come off the phone cameras and not been edited at all, besides putting them side by side .  What are your thoughts on them?



In celebration of the release of Ghostbusters here in Victoria, we have a special deal for those wanting to become their very own “Ghostbuster”

If you book into any regular paranormal investigation at the Geelong Gaol between the 15th and the 31st July and present your ticket from any screening of the movie Ghostbusters, you will receive $5 off the regular price.

Investigations run for 2 hours and take place at 10pm Sunday to Thursday, 9.30pm (and midnight if earlier session booked out) on Friday night and midnight in Saturday nights

For more information and bookings, please call 1300865800

Cold, wet and windy! What a perfect night for a ghost tour! Come and experience the freezing conditions that the prisoners once endured inside the walls of the Geelong Gaol.  Join the team at Twisyed History this evening (Wednesday) and you can bring a friend for free!

So if you have someone you would like to incarcerate in the darkened halls and cells for 90 minutes, call 1300865800 to book! Mention this post to get your friend in for free!

Looking for something to do this weekend?!

Why not join the team at Twisted History at the Geelong Gaol or in Melbourne’s Chinatown.

At Geelong Gaol, the most intact 19th century prison, and the site of many deaths, we still have spaces left on our 8pm Ghost tour both Friday and Saturday nights.  Or if the paranormal is more your speed, we have limited spaces left on our 9.30pm investigation tonight, or a Deadtime tour tonight or the midnight investigation on Saturday night.

In Chinatown, we have limited space left on our 8pm exploration of Little Bourke Street on Saturday night. Join us to hear of murders, crime, drugs and prostitition.

For all tours, please call 1300865800 to book.

Do you love to explore old hotel and enjoy good pub food….. Join the team at Twisted History tonight as we do a paranormal investigation of Victoria’s most haunted hotel.  Tour will explore the history of the building before going down into the cellar which was once the town morgue. For information and booking call 1300 865 800

Ben Chifley the 16th Prime Minister of Australia graduated as one of the youngest first-class locomotive engine driver at 28. Chifley died of a massive heart attack on the 13th of June 1951 in Canberra, whilst parliamentarians attended State Ball at Parliament House. Once hearing the news Prime Minister Menzies told everyone to go home. Ben Chifley ghost is said to haunt Hotel Kurrajong in Canberra.

Looking for something to do on this Election Night?  No matter what your political preference, we will allow you behind the walls of the most intact 19th century prison in Victoria.  But will Mary Anne Kane allow your release …….?

We have some room left on the 10pm ghost tour tonight.  Join Mary Anne Kane, one of our industrial school girls, as she leads you through the darkened halls and cells of the infamous Geelong Gaol.

For information and bookings call 1300865800

Photo Credit: Freyja Berry

Join the team at Twisted History for a Paranormal Investigation of the Prison of the Ill, at the Old Geelong Gaol. Geelong gaol was built in the 1840 as a hospital gaol for convicts, murders and lunatic.  More deaths have happened at the gaol than any other in Victoria.  Do you have what it takes to explore Victorias most haunted Gaol…… For information and booking please call 1300865800

Join us this coming Tuesday (July 5) night at 6pm at the historic Blackwood Hotel for dinner, cemetery tour and and investigation of one of the most haunted hotels in Victoria!  Booking can be made by calling 1300865800

But as for the Blackwood Cemetery ….  this is a letter to the editor from 1877 highlighting some of the difficulties of grave digging at Blackwood!!


To the Editor of the Courier

Sir – Permit me, through your columns, to draw tot he attention of the trustees of the Blackwood Cemetery (if there are any) to the disgraceful scene that occurs on nearly every occasion an internment takes place.  No matter old or young, large or small, the body has to lie alongside the grave while the grave is made larger, not withstanding ample notice given to the gravedigger.  A child was buried this afternoon, six year of age, and the coffin on being lowered, stuck, and had to be hauled up again, while one of the followers of the corpse had to take off his jacket and with pick and shovel made the grave larger.  The bereaved parents and friends were compelled to stand by while this was being done.  Surely, Sir, the sad necessity that takes us to the cemetery to lay the remains of a loved one in their last resting place, is harrowing enough without being aggravated by having to stand by while the grave is made larger.  Trusting your insertion of this will prevent any future occurrence of the like blundering – I remain yours truly


Barry’s Reef, 11th June