12348420_219941848336951_506856458_nMorgan, who murdered a little girl named Margaret Nolan, at Panmure, near Warrnambool, has been committed for trial, and taken to Portland Gaol. Large crowds of people followed him and hooted him. When he was escorted on board the steamer to be taken to the gaol the police had hard work to keep back the crowd, who threatened him with open violence. From evidence in the possession of the police, there is no doubt he is the same person who murdered a little girl named Alice Hughes at Bridgewater, on March 16, 1859, as the descriptions of the man who committed the last-named murder tally accurately with those of Morgan. The murderer is greatly depressed, never speaks, and refuses food.


12336144_219926611671808_1519549590_nA shocking disclosures was made in connection with the Geelong Gaol. A few weeks ago several prisoners attempted to commit suicide. One succeeded, but others were, prevented just’ in time, and were afterwards sentenced to further imprisonment for the attempts. Among these was a young man named Giammill. who on this day in 1901 battered his head in a frightful fashion with an iron pannikin. He was stopped before he had mortally injured him self. Another prisoner, named Hassett, a lifer, who has already sowed years, and is employed in the dispensary, stole a mixture of belladonna, arsenic, and opium’, and swallowed it. As the warders entered he threatened to stab anybody with a spike he had secured if interfered with. He finally sank to the ground, and strong emetics were given to him. It was alleged that unmentionable crimes have lately taken place in tho gaol. The prisoners were afraid they would be charged with complicity, and therefore attempted suicide. A full inquiry was demanded by the residents.


12335910_219925008338635_2128163403_nJames Irish was transferred from Yarra Bend Asylum on the 11th of June 1877, to the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. Irish owned land in Eltham to the value of £5. On the 7th of December, Irish escaped from the Asylum and stayed at large for seven days.


A remarkable sea monster was caught in Port Fairy on this day 1902 by J. and .W. Evans and R. McWilliam three fishermen. It was 9 ft 8 in. in length, had a tail resembling that of a screw tailshaft, no teeth, a nose like a rhinoceros, a head like an elephant, two dorsal fins, four side fins, and two steering fins. Even fishermen of over 40 years’ experience could not determine the species. It was sent to the Melbourne Museum.

imageThe 11 feet dinghy in which Frederick Swan, 40, fisherman, Parkdale went fishing on this day in 1936, was found lying awash 41 miles off Parkdale shore with a jagged hole, three feet by two torn in its side by a shark. There was no trace of Swan, When the boat was brought ashore teeth from the upper and lower jaw of a shark were found embedded in the planking around the hole. It is surmised that Swan, who was fishing for snapper, was landing a fish when a shark followed it up, leaped from the water, and crashed into the boot snapping a large piece from the side. When the police were dragging for Swan’s body at midday at the spot where the dinghy was found, a shark more than 20 feet long appeared a short distance away.

12351712_10207402284837351_1734857684_oSUPPOSED WIFE MURDER.

With reference to the arrest of Robert Hawkins for the murder of his wife at Bealiba, near Maryborough, on December 6 (particulars of which were wired on Saturday), the police have also ascertained that the life of Mrs. Hawkins was insured for £500, of which one year’s premium had been paid. The post mortem showed that the theory of the accident was quite inconsistent with the appearance of the body. There was a gunshot wound on the thumb which the police suppose was caused by the deceased putting her hand over her face to shut out the sight of the weapon which was pointing at her. The two wounds were quite distinct, and both barrels must have been discharged separately at close quarters, apparently by someone who was taller than deceased, as both charges had a downward course.


12348707_219664928364643_415196546_nThe Wirth Bros., circus and menagerie, arrived in Dandenong on this day in 1917, for one night only, the claiming the huge menagerie being the best ever scene in Australasia. One of the major displays of the menagerie was 12 white polar bears, the largest group of polar bears in captivity at the time who would perform with 3 grizzly bears and 2 boarhounds! The performance included a comedy sketch known as the Teddy Bears picnic, Teddy Bear Clowns and Nurses, Teddy Bear globetrotters, Teddy Bear nurse taking a baby bear for a walk, amongst others. The polar bears were captured as cubs and brought up in the circus.

12348627_219662955031507_1473867569_nESCAPE FROM VEGETABLE GARDEN 1893

Robert Barclay Findlay escaped the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum on the 6th of December 1893 while working on the hospital veritable garden. Findlay headed north to the hills behind the asylum passing through the mining settlements where he was seen in the town of Stanley. Findlay was recaptured in Myrtleford on the 15th of December, still wearing his asylum uniform and taken back to the institution.


12335991_219661058365030_1964192791_nMurder behind Luna Park

John Joseph McCarthy aged 45, of Elwood, civil servant, died in hospital on the 6th of December 1938 from injuries received when, it is alleged, he was assaulted in a reserve behind Luna Park. Desmond Patrick Toole a salesman, of Elwood, who was released on bail after having been charged with assault, was rearrested and charged with murder

More sensations have occurred at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1901, and it is expected that the authorities will now hold a searching inquiry into the causes of the recent disturbances. A prisoner named Ramage ga

Percy Ramage

Percy Ramage

shed his throat, for which he received a time in irons. Another prisoner, named Godfrey, was stopped by a warder from wounding himself, and another prisoner, John Gambil was also brought before the visiting justices for a minor offence, and remanded, as he behaved like a lunatic.

imageThe youth Herbert Elliott, was committed for trial at the Ballarat court on the 8th of December 1903, for a serious offence under the Crimes Act, was brought down from Camperdown on this day in 1903, by Senior-constable Arthur, and admitted to the Geelong gaol, where he will remain pending his trial.


ON THIS DAY – November 22, 1907

The trial of Thos. Treloar on the charge of murdering Mrs. Mary Patterson at Albert Park on November 22 last by hitting her on the head with an iron bar, was concluded to-day. The jury returned a verdict of guilty, with a strong recommendation to mercy. The accused was sentenced to death. The reason for the recommendation was that the jury were unable to decide whether Treloar was insane when he committed the deed, or whether he did it in a fit of passion. His Honor promised to forward the recommendation to the Executive Council.