Sunday Paranormal Spot – K2 EMF Detector

We use the K2 as one of our most popular devices whilst Ghost Hunting to detect any Electro Magnetic Field that may be present, and the varied range of detection tells us how strong the field range is or its intensity. Once turned on the green light will be illuminated then once a EMF detection occurs the light illuminates according to the fields it has detected ranging up to the red 20milligawls of energy; an elecrto magnetic energy phenomena is given off when there is a Spirit around. We as Investigators, walk around with the device in our hand and place the device too on areas of interest: seats, walls, graves, shelves – anywhere we see fit during our investigation, with the hope that a detection will be made. We also call for any Spirits that can hear us to come forward and come close to us and the device and trigger the meter. We can also use this K2 device to actively communicate with us via triggering the device to our line of questioning as an answer to our enquiries. You will also see below we have used the K2 on an experiment in the Dentist Surgery where we have detected spirit and out line of questioning is asking the spirit to choose which substance he/they liked from our display on the floor- in this case Bourbon was chosen by lighting up the K2 which is situated on the left on the picture.


Have you ever wondered what it was like to live behind the walls of the Geelong Gaol, the most intact 19th century prison? The conditions, the executions, the punishments ……

Or perhaps investigating the paranormal is more to your liking? Do the spirits of those who lived, worked or died here still wander the halls …..

If you are brave enough to step behind the gates on one of our Ghost Tours or a Paranormal Investigations Tours, then please call 1300865800

We have a few ghost tours and a paranormal investigation under our belts now, so thought we would share!  Our ghost tours are running Wednesday to Sunday at 7pm and investigations at 8.30pm Saturday nights


On this day …….. 16th of December 1994

Perth is the latest destination for UFO’s according to security guards who claim to have been followed by strange lights around the central business district overnight. National UFO Reporting and Sightings Hot line spokesman Ross Dowe said the sighting was the fourth since last weekend, with other UFO sightings in Victoria, South Australia and NSW. Mr Dowe said three security guards reported seeing a bright orange object, about the size of a semi-trailer, at 3am today, and that five people reported seeing a UFO flying over the Sale RAAF base, east of Melbourne, last Sunday. He said the reports stated the people had seen a number of small lights three times within 10 minutes. At the third appearance the lights merged together and exploded above the RAAF base, lighting up the sky, he said. In Orange, a farmer claimed to have seen an aqua blue object with a silver flame at about 9pm on Saturday night. Mr Dowe said a woman who was driving on Tuesday night in Adelaide said she became engulfed in a “dense, dusty fog” and experienced electrical problems with her vehicle. The woman reported being near the site of a research paddock which had its crop flattened in one corner into the shape of a circle.


Who is brave enough to enter the gates of the Geelong Gaol tonight or tomorrow night. Be guided through the most intact 19th century prison, hearing stories of the prisoner conditions, executions, and of course the ghosts! Perhaps you will be lucky enough to encounter one of our spirits….

Or if the paranormal is more to your liking then join us on an investigation tonight at 9.30pm or tomorrow night at midnight, in search for the evidence that the paranormal truly does exist. Do you have what it takes to become a ghost hunter for the night.

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Friday Night

  • Ghost Tour at Geelong Gaol at 8pm
  • Paranormal Investigation at 9.30pm OR
  • Deadtime Tour at midnight
  • Chinatown Murder Tour at 8pm

Saturday Night

  • Ghost Tour at Geelong Gaol at 8pm
  • Paranormal Investigation at midnight
  • Chinatown Murder Tour at 8pm


ON THIS DAY…… 6th November 1920


Whether recent demonstrations by spiritualists in Melbourne or the defeat of the prohibition party at the polls, had an unsettling effect on the nerves of peaceable citizens cannot be definitely established said the Melbourne Age, but people in Abbotsford have been seeing a ghost. At any rate, they think they have seen one. A female apparition appeared at an old house in Nicholson Street, Abbotsford, and people have been flocking to the locality at night to see it. The ghost story, too, has improved with circulation, having gained, notoriety with additional details of a murder in the house, the periodical return of the murdered woman’s spirit, and so forth. The ghost was nothing more than a remarkable reflection thrown on the wall by a street lamp, the rays of which strike the verandah post and cast a reflection resembling a woman’s head. This reflection has been in existence for many years, but it is only within the past few days it has become the subject of much public interest. On this night in 1920, four police constables in Nicholson-street ”moving on’ the crowds of ghost seekers, who numbers were estimated, between 400 and 500 people.

The creepiest night of the year is almost apon us…… For hundreds of year the 31st of October has been the night where people have tried to contact the after life. This year is no different. Join the team at Twisted History this Halloween October the 31st for a 3 hour Paranormal Investigation Tour of the Old Geelong Gaol.
This tour is designed for people who want to spend more time in the hot spots around the gaol. Groups will be provided with Night Vision Cameras, Infrared Goggles, Laser Grids, EMF Detectors, Spirit Box, Motion Sensors and a range of other equipment.

The creepiest night of the year is almost upon us ….. So why not join the team at Twisted History for a night of fun. Halloween ghost and paranormal investigation tours of the old Geelong gaol or murder and crime tours of Melbourne.

Twisted History is proud to be a part of the inaugural National Ghost Hunting Day taking place on October 1, 2016 in North America.

This is to be the World’s Largest simultaneous Ghost Hunt! At 10pm EDT (in Australia it is 1pm on Sunday October 2nd), paranormal investigation teams will investigate in a number of locations around the world with a shotgun start!!

Here in Victoria, Australia, Twisted History will have 2 locations in which you can take part!  Sutton’s House of Music in Ballarat and the Geelong Gaol in Geelong. This is non profit event with all proceeds being donated to local animal causes – Geelong Animal Welfare Society and Ballarat Wildlife Park.

A 2 hour investigation will take place at each location to which members  of the public can attend for a $10 donation.

To join us, give us a call on 1300865800 or email


ON THIS DAY…… 24th September 1917

Henry Palmer, aged 30 years, was a lime burner in the Lara district, supplying quicklime for the city of Melbourne as well as around Geelong. Palmer was sent
before the Geelong Police Court on the 24th of September 1917 on a charge of having committed an offence against his step-daughter. He was remanded for a week, and bail was allowed at the sum of £100. Palmer was sentenced to 3 years hard labourer at the Geelong Gaol. The young woman concerned was remanded on a charge of vagrancy.


On this day …….. 4th September 1905

John Beckett, who was charged at the Melbourne City Court on this day in 1905 with insulting behaviour, implored a constable to lock him up. He said that seven years ago he murdered a man named Small in Tasmania by striking him with a stick, and had been haunted by his ghost ever since. He said he had been tried in Launceston for the offence. Beckett was remanded for medical observation.