How are you spending your Friday the 13th this week?  Why not join us on a ghost tour of the Geelong Gaol or perhaps, if you are brave enough, a Deadtime tour starting at midnight!  For more information and bookings, call 1300865800.

But as for Friday the 13th …….

The fear of the number 13 has been given a scientific name: “triskaidekaphobia”; and on analogy to this the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia, from the Greek words Paraskeví (meaning “Friday”), and dekatreís (meaning “thirteen”).

The superstition surrounding this day may have arisen in the Middle Ages, “originating from the story of Jesus’ last supper and crucifixion” in which there were 13 individuals present in the Upper Room on the 13th of Nisan Maundy Thursday, the night before his death on Good Friday.  While there is evidence of both Friday and the number 13 being considered unlucky, there is no record of the two items being referred to as especially unlucky in conjunction before the 19th century


Monday 9th May at the Historic Hotel, Bourke Street was used as a Police Station with detention cells and Staffing accommodation on the second level.
Amazing Parmas and meals were had then Paranormal Investogation where we used our Ghost Hunting equipment to gain evidence via the Rover IR Robot, RemPod detections, Spirit Box communications, photographoc Orb evidence and K2 EMF detections!
great night has been had hope to see you again Thank you for joining us!
xo Dee and Twisted Crew

One of Melbourne’s hidden haunted location

Do you like to explore haunted locations? Join the team at Twisted History on Monday the 9th of May for a Paranormal investigation of the old Bourke st west police station and stone cells. Built in the 1860s the cells have house some of Victorias most notorious criminals.

For for information and bookings please call 1300 865 800

One of Melbourne’s hidden haunted location

Do you like to explore haunted locations?  Join the team at Twisted History on Monday the 9th of May for a Paranormal investigation of the old Bourke st west police station and stone cells. Built in the 1860s the cells have house some of Victorias most notorious criminals.

For for information and bookings please call 1300 865 800

Looking for a present with a difference for you Mum this year?  Why not “incarcerate” her in the Geelong Gaol for the evening.

At 8pm, be led on a 90 minute tour by one of our costumed guides talking of the gaol’s history, prisoners stories, executions and of course, the ghost stories, through the darkened halls and cells of an intact 19th century prison.

At 10pm, our investigators will take Mum to the “hot spots” of the gaol to use the paranormal equipment to try and capture evidence that the paranormal truly does exist!  This experience lasts for 2 hours.

Or if Mum is unable to join us on Mothers Day, why not purchase a gift voucher.

For more information and bookings, please call 1300865800

Twisted History have some special investigation tours and of course Mothers Day coming up in the next week or so.  Have you booked your spot yet??

BLACKWOOD HOTEL – Tuesday, May 3

Join us at the Blackwood Hotel for dinner, Cemetery Walk and an investigation in areas of the hotel not normally open to the public.  This tour runs on the first Tuesday night of the month.

MOTHERS DAY – Sunday, May 8

Why not treat Mum to a Mother’s Day with a difference by bringing her on a ghost tour of the Old Geelong Gaol or if the paranormal is more to her liking, a 2 hour investigation tour of the Gaol.


Join us for dinner in the cells and an investigation at the Royal Melbourne Hotel.  The Royal Melbourne Hotel was formerly the Bourke Street West Lockup, built on the original police precint of Melbourne.

For more information or bookings on any of these tours, please call 1300865800

Mothers Day Blackwood A3 Poster-REVISED RMH 2016


Have you ever wanted to search for your own evidence that paranormal truly exists? We have a small number of places on a 9.30pm investigation tonight.

Why not join us behind the walls of the Old Geelong Gaol with one of our experienced investigators, as they guide you to the “hotspots”. On this tour you will use a range of equipment to attempt to gather proof of the paranormal.

These investigations run 7 nights a week, check our website for times and our extended investigations on a Deadtime Tour or Lockdown.

Call 1300865800 for more information and bookings

Anzac Day Weekend

We have Ghost and Investigation tours running over the entire Anzac Day weekend!  Join us behind the walls of the most intact Victorian 19th century prison, the Geelong Gaol,  to hear the stories of those who once lived behind these walls …… and who perhaps are still with us!

Or if finding evidence of the paranormal is more to your liking, then join us on an investigation tour where our investigators will lead you to the hot spots of the Gaol and you can use the paranormal investigation equipment to try and prove that ghosts exist!

FRIDAY – 8pm Ghost Tour (BOOKED OUT); 9.30pm Investigation

SATURDAY – 8pm Ghost Tour; 10pm Ghost Tour (only if 8pm is booked out); Midnight Investigation

SUNDAY – 8pm Ghost Tour; 10pm Investigation Tour

MONDAY – 8pm Ghost Tour; 10pm Investigation Tour

For more information on any of our tours or to book, please call 1300865800


Paranormal Investigation of Cell 55

Geelong Gaol – March 2016.

Condemned Mans Cell 55 is located on the second level directly near the Gallows and is where the tried and convicted Convict/s would spend their last night alive. We believe we actively communicate with a hanged prisoner here James Murphy and you will see in the footage our Investigators questioning the Spirit present to communicate with us through the devices we have with us in this cell using EMF detectors, Ghost Meter Pro, K2 and a RemPod too. ALL devices are triggered! It was a great night for Ghost hunting!

Twisted History run Investigation tours at the Geelong Gaol 7 nights a week, call 1300865800 to book

Paranormal Investigation with the REM-Pod Device

The REM-Pod is one of our Ghost hunting device choices we use here at the Geelong Gaol to capture spirit activity. The REM-Pod emits an ElectroMagnetic field and with its tall antenna therefore detects anything that moves into that field that then sets of the internal devices alarm. We place the RemPod in our field of Investigation; kitchen bench, Stairwells, Surgical table, Morgue Autopsy table to name a few, then if the device is triggered and we (the humans) are not in the vicinity of the device, neither bugs or debris of any kind, then we may class it as paranormal.
Via active Investigation we have had strong spirit evidence in the East Wing stairs where the RemPod alarm is most always triggered by the spirit of a little girl, in a cell on the third level where a convict spirit resides, is triggered in the Condemned Cell near the Gallows trapdoor and many other evidence based captures too.

If you would like to join the team at Twisted History on a Paranormal Investigation tour, we run seven nights a week using various ghost hunting devices. To book call 1300865800.

Paranormal Investigating with the K2 EMF Detector

We use the K2 as one of our most popular devices whilst Ghost Hunting to detect any Electro Magnetic Field that may be present, and the varied range of detection tells us how strong the field range is or its intensity. Once turned on the green light will be illuminated then once a EMF detection occurs the light illuminates according to the fields it has detected ranging up to the red 20milligawls of energy; an elecrto magnetic energy phenomena is given off when there is a Spirit around. We as Investigators, walk around with the device in our hand and place the device too on areas of interest: seats, walls, graves, shelves – anywhere we see fit during our investigation, with the hope that a detection will be made. We also call for any Spirits that can hear us to come forward and come close to us and the device and trigger the meter. We can also use this K2 device to actively communicate with us via triggering the device to our line of questioning as an answer to our enquiries. You will also see below we have used the K2 on an experiment in the Dentist Surgery where we have detected spirit and out line of questioning is asking the spirit to choose which substance he/they liked from our display on the floor- in this case Bourbon was chosen by lighting up the K2 which is situated on the left on the picture.



Our Investigators we use a range of trigger devices to entice Spirit to come and communicate with them and in addition, to manipulate our equipment. Here is a couple of devices being triggered on site; locations include the East Wing stairs, the condemned man cell, the Gallows trapdoor and the creepy kitchen which doubled as the morgue site in the early days. You can see our Teddy and EMF detector being manipulated, the teddy had a wet hand from an external source, Isabella our Porcelain doll gets her arm moved, hair lifted, dress pulled, she is moved from her original location and on a couple of instances her untied shoelaces were retied when we left her there in the dark alone to be played with, to our surprise upon our return to collect her! We have also experienced the Teddy, as we carry him around by his arm, the other arm lifts to be horizontal in stance as if an unseen force has lifted his hand and holding onto it as we wander the hallways.