Sir William McMahon the 19th Prime Minister of Australia employed young sailors in tight-fitting bell-bottom trousers to caddy for him at golf.

Ben Chifley the 16th Prime Minister of Australia graduated as one of the youngest first-class locomotive engine driver at 28. Chifley died of a massive heart attack on the 13th of June 1951 in Canberra, whilst parliamentarians attended State Ball at Parliament House. Once hearing the news Prime Minister Menzies told everyone to go home. Ben Chifley ghost is said to haunt Hotel Kurrajong in Canberra.

On this day …….. 19th of July 1911

Sir George Reid, High Commissioner for, Australia, (4th Prime Minister of Australia) and members of his family, had a sensational experience this afternoon. As a result of a motor car collision Sir George sustained painful injuries, and his son aid daughter are suffering from shock. Sir George Reid and his family wire spending the week-end at the Grenville Hotel, at Ranisgate, in Kent, and some of the party went out this afternoon for a motor ride. When at the intersection of Gladstone and Ramsgate roads, Broad stairs, about two miles from Rams gate, their car was struck broadside on by another car. Sir George Reid’s car was dashed against a tram standard. The impact was so violent that the High Commissioner’s car was smashed to pieces, and the tramway post, which carried the electric wires, was cracked in two places. Fortunately the post did not fall. Sir George Reid and his son and daughter were picked np in a ‘dazed condition. Miss Reid appeared to be seriously injured, and was taken to a nursing home. It was there found that she was suffering very severely from shock. She is now progressing as well as can be expected. It was at first thought that Sir George Reid and his son were merely suffering from shock, and they returned to their hotel. It was then found that one of the High Commissioner’s arms was broken in two places. A report received late to-night stated that Sir George Reid was progressing favourably.


Joseph Lyon the 10th Prime Minister of Australia, father lost the family savings at the 1887 Melbourne Cup. Lyon at the age of 9 was forced to leave school and find work.

Alfred Deakin the 2nd Prime Minister of Australia was almost killed in lift accident in 1887. Melbourne became the fourth city in the world to build power hydraulic lifts. When directors of the Australian Provincial Assurance Association (including future Australian Prime Minister Alfred Deakin), inspected the hydraulic lift in the new APA building on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Flinders Lane, Melbourne, for the first time. The mechanism failed and the lift shot upwards 12 floors, stopped only by some stout springs at the top. Deakin exited the building by the stairs.

On this day …….. 17th of July 1924

A cartoon is a drawing that makes a satirical, witty, or humorous point. On 17 July 1924, the world’s first society of cartoonists, the Black and White Artists’ Society, was formed in Sydney.


Julia Gillard the 27th Prime Minister of Australia immigrated with her family to Adelaide in 1966 as ’£10 poms’. Gillard is the first female Prime Minister to be sworn in by the first female Governor-General Quentin Bryce. Gillard was also the first unmarried Prime Minister.

John Howard the 25th Prime Minister of Australia is the only Liberal Party Prime Minister to have been educated in a state school. Howard also lived at his parents’ home until he was 32 years old.

Harold Holt the 17th Prime Minister of Australia father married one of his former girlfriends…… So she became his step mother. After going missing while swimming and his body never found, in good Australian humour a local Melbourne swimming pool was named in his honour.

John Curtin 14th Prime Minister of Australia, first job at the age of 14, was as a messenger boy for a magazine edited by artist Norman Lindsay. Curtin was also gaoled for three days in Pentridge Prison Melbourne in 1916 for defying government’s call-up order for military. Although holding such strong beliefs Curtin passed conscription for WWII.

Gough Whitlam the 21st Prime Minister of Australia is only one of two Prime Ministers whose lifetime spanned the lives of all 25 Prime Ministers in Australia’s first century (John Gorton was the other) Whitlam was Australia’s longest-lived Prime Minister, dying at the age of 98 years, sadly 2 years short of receiving a 100th birthday card from Queen Elizabeth II, the woman who sacked him and his government in 1975.

Kevin Rudd the 26th Prime Minister of Australia is a descendent of the youngest ever transported convict Mary Wade, who had over three hundred relatives when she died and is considered as one of Australia’s ‘matriarchs’. At the age of 15, Rudd wrote to Prime Minister Gough Whitlam asking for advice on how to become involved in a diplomatic career. Whitlam suggested Rudd learn a foreign language, which he did Chinese (Mandarin).