The Russell Hotel, The Rocks, NSW
The Russell Hotel, in The Rocks, Sydney, is haunted by a sailor.
Located in the heart of The Rocks, The Russell Hotel is steeped in history and certainly has plenty of character — Room 8 is said to be haunted by the spirit of a sailor. Guests have described seeing him standing in the room staring at them.

There are also numerous reports of someone walking at night over creaky floorboards, but when staff go to investigate the noise, there’s no-one there.

Was Frederick Deeming Jack the Ripper? Or was he just Australia’s first serial killer?
Join us during Law Week for a walking tour around Melbourne CBD as we explore the evidence found by the Victorian police to catch one of the most wanted men in the world.
In 1892 the body of Emily Mather was found buried under the floor of a house in Windsor, sparking an international search for her killer. Hear the antics of the flamboyant Frederick Deeming and his adventures from Whitechapel in London to Melbourne, and his victims that were left behind.
Event date
Sunday 21 May 2017
2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Outside Flinders Street Station
Corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Sunday Paranormal Spot – K2 EMF Detector

We use the K2 as one of our most popular devices whilst Ghost Hunting to detect any Electro Magnetic Field that may be present, and the varied range of detection tells us how strong the field range is or its intensity. Once turned on the green light will be illuminated then once a EMF detection occurs the light illuminates according to the fields it has detected ranging up to the red 20milligawls of energy; an elecrto magnetic energy phenomena is given off when there is a Spirit around. We as Investigators, walk around with the device in our hand and place the device too on areas of interest: seats, walls, graves, shelves – anywhere we see fit during our investigation, with the hope that a detection will be made. We also call for any Spirits that can hear us to come forward and come close to us and the device and trigger the meter. We can also use this K2 device to actively communicate with us via triggering the device to our line of questioning as an answer to our enquiries. You will also see below we have used the K2 on an experiment in the Dentist Surgery where we have detected spirit and out line of questioning is asking the spirit to choose which substance he/they liked from our display on the floor- in this case Bourbon was chosen by lighting up the K2 which is situated on the left on the picture.


Have you ever wondered what it was like to live behind the walls of the Geelong Gaol, the most intact 19th century prison? The conditions, the executions, the punishments ……

Or perhaps investigating the paranormal is more to your liking? Do the spirits of those who lived, worked or died here still wander the halls …..

If you are brave enough to step behind the gates on one of our Ghost Tours or a Paranormal Investigations Tours, then please call 1300865800

On this day ………… 12th February 2010

Beginning on the evening of 12 February 2010, some regions of Sydney were inundated by strong rain and localised flash flooding. The storms produced some of the highest rainfalls seen in the area over a decade, with 88 millimetres (3.5 in) recorded in Hornsby and 73 millimetres (2.9 in) in Mona Vale over just one hour.[17] The storms continued through to 14 February, with a maximum daily rainfall for the year of 332 millimetres (13.1 in) recorded at Tuross Head. Some areas of the northwest and southeast were declared natural disaster zones. The State Emergency Service received over 1500 distress calls, with damages exceeding A$6 million in western regions.



We have a few ghost tours and a paranormal investigation under our belts now, so thought we would share!  Our ghost tours are running Wednesday to Sunday at 7pm and investigations at 8.30pm Saturday nights


Who is brave enough to enter the gates of the Geelong Gaol tonight or tomorrow night. Be guided through the most intact 19th century prison, hearing stories of the prisoner conditions, executions, and of course the ghosts! Perhaps you will be lucky enough to encounter one of our spirits….

Or if the paranormal is more to your liking then join us on an investigation tonight at 9.30pm or tomorrow night at midnight, in search for the evidence that the paranormal truly does exist. Do you have what it takes to become a ghost hunter for the night.

To book your spot please call 1300865800 or book online at


Join us this weekend at either the Geelong Gaol or in Melbourne’s Chinatown – spots left on all tours! Bookings are essential and can be made at or 1300865800

Friday Night

  • Ghost Tour at Geelong Gaol at 8pm
  • Paranormal Investigation at 9.30pm OR
  • Deadtime Tour at midnight
  • Chinatown Murder Tour at 8pm

Saturday Night

  • Ghost Tour at Geelong Gaol at 8pm
  • Paranormal Investigation at midnight
  • Chinatown Murder Tour at 8pm


Have you joined the Twisted History team on tour yet …..

Join us this weekend in Chinatown and the Geelong Gaol on a murder tour, ghost tour or even a paranormal investigation ….. Are you brave enough to step over to the darker side of history?


Geelong Gaol – Availability left on our ghost tours for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights, paranormal investigation on Friday night and Sunday night and our Deadtime investigation on Friday night

Chinatown – Availability left on both our murder tours on Friday and Saturday nights

Bookings can be made online at or 1300865800

Join the team at Twisted History on Halloween weekend to explore the old Geelong Gaol after dark and be haunted by stories of convicts, murderers and lunatics who once called this three story blue stone building home. This building has witnessed scores of deaths, assaults and murders, which makes it perfect to investigate. Tiny cells, no toilets and freezing cold conditions made the Geelong Gaol a virtual dungeon till the day it closed in 1991. Groups will be provided with Night Vision Cameras, Infrared Goggles, Laser Grids, EMF Detectors, Spirit Box, Motion Sensors and a range of other equipment. Tours run 7 nights a week.

Bookings essential for all tours on 1300865800

Start the the creepiest weekend of the year With a tour designed for the die hard Paranormal investigator who wants to spend a night in a haunted convict gaol. Spend time in cells where hundreds of criminals, lunatic and murderers lived and died. Known as the Prison of the ill, the Geelong Gaol has seen more deaths than any gaol in Victoria. Come and explore the gallows, hospital and morgue for an overnight investigation provided with state of the art paranormal equipment and a premier investigation team to lead you to the hot spots.

Pizza and finger food supplied. All groups will be provided with night vision cameras, infrared goggles, laser grids, EMF detectors, spirit boxes, motion sensors and a range of other equipment.

Bookings essential for all tours on 1300865800

Have you explore the dark lanes in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown, the oldest Chinese community in the western world. Be guided to hidden places on our 90 minute walking tour, opium dens, cocaine houses and brothels as we share stories of ghosts, murders and prostitution. Halloween weekend is perfect time to of Victorian crime and Littles Bourke Streets connection to Eureka Stockade, Ned Kelly, Jack the Ripper and Squizzy Taylor.

You won’t believe what has happened in just three blocks of Little Bourke Street!

Bookings essential for all tours on 1300865800