imageThe 11 feet dinghy in which Frederick Swan, 40, fisherman, Parkdale went fishing on this day in 1936, was found lying awash 41 miles off Parkdale shore with a jagged hole, three feet by two torn in its side by a shark. There was no trace of Swan, When the boat was brought ashore teeth from the upper and lower jaw of a shark were found embedded in the planking around the hole. It is surmised that Swan, who was fishing for snapper, was landing a fish when a shark followed it up, leaped from the water, and crashed into the boot snapping a large piece from the side. When the police were dragging for Swan’s body at midday at the spot where the dinghy was found, a shark more than 20 feet long appeared a short distance away.

12348707_219664928364643_415196546_nThe Wirth Bros., circus and menagerie, arrived in Dandenong on this day in 1917, for one night only, the claiming the huge menagerie being the best ever scene in Australasia. One of the major displays of the menagerie was 12 white polar bears, the largest group of polar bears in captivity at the time who would perform with 3 grizzly bears and 2 boarhounds! The performance included a comedy sketch known as the Teddy Bears picnic, Teddy Bear Clowns and Nurses, Teddy Bear globetrotters, Teddy Bear nurse taking a baby bear for a walk, amongst others. The polar bears were captured as cubs and brought up in the circus.

12348627_219662955031507_1473867569_nESCAPE FROM VEGETABLE GARDEN 1893

Robert Barclay Findlay escaped the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum on the 6th of December 1893 while working on the hospital veritable garden. Findlay headed north to the hills behind the asylum passing through the mining settlements where he was seen in the town of Stanley. Findlay was recaptured in Myrtleford on the 15th of December, still wearing his asylum uniform and taken back to the institution.


imageThe youth Herbert Elliott, was committed for trial at the Ballarat court on the 8th of December 1903, for a serious offence under the Crimes Act, was brought down from Camperdown on this day in 1903, by Senior-constable Arthur, and admitted to the Geelong gaol, where he will remain pending his trial.


imageA practical joke was reported to have been played upon a youth who recently visited some country relations in the Wagga Wagga district. He was taken out possum-shooting by some of his young friends, who had previously arranged that one of their number should climb a tree and personate a ghost by coveting himself with a sheet. Suddenly the alarm was given, and the conspirators decamped in feigned alarm, but soon recovering their courage, they persuaded their young guest to fire at the ghost, having previously taken the precaution to see that his gun was only loaded with powder. The ghost descending from the tree, approached the party, and so terrified the lad became insensible, and was fully six weeks before he regained his customary health.


Patrick Lynch a prisoner who was being taken from Pentridge to the Geelong Gaol on the 3rd of December 1929, jumped from the window of a fast moving express train near Manor. He suffered a compound fracture of both legs, and injuries to the face and hands. The crew of another train found, him alongside, the line. Lynch was taken to Melbourne Gaol hospital.


James Wessan, a resident of Brunswick, was treated at the Melbourne Hospital on this day in 1904 for an injury to his head owing to his horse falling over.


Wangaratta Railway Station

Wangaratta Railway Station

Daniel McKay, a fireman with the railways, was injured in an unfortunate accident while shunting on this day in 1896. He was knocked from the top of the engine by the overhead wire, falling to the track where his right leg was severed, and his left leg badly crushed. McKay was taken to Wangaratta by special train, and was conscious for the whole journey, and able to make his will. His signature, it was said, was steadier than the signatures of all the witnesses. McKay died two days later and was buried in the Benalla Cemetery.

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