On this day …….. 9th of October 1865

An inquest was held at Stieglitz, on this day in 1865, at the Victoria Hotel, on the body of Thomas Hatch.  The deceased a miner at the Sailor’s Reef shaft, Stieglitz was killed when he was jammed between a large rock and the side of the drive. The rock was about five feet in height, and reached to the upper part of deceased’s chest, pressing him closely to the wall.

Witnesses took pickaxes, and examined the drive, and commenced to take the body out by breaking the stone which held him in the position described.

The drive was about four and a half feet by seven feet in length. The stone was black slate and wedge shape, about a ton and a half in weignt, about eighteen inches at the base, and tapering to a point. The thick edge of the stone lay against the back of the deceased.

The body was removed to the cellar of the Victoria Hotel, Molesworth Street, where an autopsy determined a  verdict “Accidental Death, and no blame attachable to the managers of the mine.”

On This Day – April 21, 1926

Falling out of bed on April 21, Clarissa Miles, 60, of Roslyn street, West Melbourne, received injuries from which she died six days later. At the inquest today tho Coroner (Mr D. Berrman) found that death was accidental.

Henry John Edward Jones, engineer, Macquarie street. Prahran. said he saw his aunt in the Melbourne Hospital on April 26. and she told him she was turning over in bed when she fell out. She was a big woman 15 or 16 stone in weight.

On This Day – April 8, 1939

A miscalculation while giving a sword-swallowing exhibition at Mordialloc Carnival on April 8, led to the death of Johan Lilja, 52, of Taylor Street, Yarraville, the Acting City Coroner (Mr Beers, P.M.) was told today.

He recorded a finding of accidental death.

Medical evidence showed that, when examined at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Lilja had a perforated wound in the gullet. He died from pleurisy and pneumonia on April 11.

Mrs Lilja said that she accompanied her husband to Mordialloc Carnival, where he gave an exhibition of sword-swallowing. That night he said he thought he had injured himself, and appeared to be very ill. He was examined by a doctor next day. and ordered to hospital.