On this day …….. 4th of December 1904

Falling horse

James Wessan, a resident of Brunswick, was treated at the Melbourne Hospital on
this day in 1904 for an injury to his head owing to his horse falling over.

On this day …….. 12th of August 1930

While toast was being made in the kitchen of the Britannia Hotel, in Swanston street, Melbourne on the morning of August 12th, 1930, by Ellen Alice Rodgers, her clothing caught fire. Miss Rodgers, a waitress, aged 24 years, of Carnarvon street, Brunswick, died from burns and shock at the Melbourne Hospital on August 13. An Inquest was held at the Morgue by the city coroner (Mr D. Grant).
A finding of accidental death was returned.


ON THIS DAY – July 22, 1914


Brunswick Court was crowded on July 22 when Frank White, 22, a wood machinist, appeared on remand on a charge of having inflicted grievous bodily harm upon Richard Wood, baker, of Audley street. East Brunswick, on Saturday night, July 11. The charge was altered to one of murder, and White was further remanded. The Bench was occupied by Mr Read Murphv. P.M. (chairman), and Messrs Allard, Dowsley and Fleming-. J’s.P. Sergeant P. McLoughlin stated that Wood had died in the Melbourne Hospital as the result of depressed fracture of the skull, alleged to have been caused by a blow with a bottle from White.  Mr R. G. Greene applied to Mr Justice Hodges, in the Supreme Court, for bail, which had been refused by the Brunswick magistrates. Bail was granted in two sureties of £5 00 each, and White’s own bond of £1000.

ON THIS DAY – July 16, 1900

John Pridmore, who shot and killed his wife. Annie Jane Pridmore, at Brunswick, on July 16, was to-day found guilty of wilful murder by a coroner’s jury, and was committed for trial. The inquest had been held over, pending Pridmore’s recovery, for at the time he shot his wife he also attempted to shoot himself.

ON THIS DAY – June 13, 1916

Daniel O’Callaghan, 36, married, with five children, of Edward street, Brunswick, died in the Melbourne Hospital on June 13 as the result of a fracture of the base of the skull. William Douglas, 37, married, and father of five children, a wardsman at the Mental Hospital, Royal Park, has been arrested on the charge of murder. O’Callaghan’s injuries were received, it is stated, when he fell in the channel in Charles street, Brunswick, on Friday night, after an argument arising from a game of cards that had been played that evening. O’Callaghan made an accusation of cheating, and as a result of what followed he fell and became unconscious. He was taken to the hospital, and remained insensible until his death. Douglas was on remand to appear before the Brunswick Court on June 21, on the charge of having assaulted O’Callaghan, but following the death of O’Callaghan, Douglas was arrested on the capital charge.

60 years of Australian TV

Death in Brunswick is an acclaimed 1990 black comedy/romance starring Sam Neill, Zoe Carides and John Clarke. It is based on the 1987 comic novel of the same name by Boyd Oxlade. Set and filmed in Brunswick, a Melbourne suburb, it deals with a humble chef, Carl (Neill) who gets a job at a sleazy nightclub owned by Yanni Voulgaris (Nicholas Papademetriou). He begins a relationship with the Greek-Australian barmaid, Sophie (Zoe Carides), which soon brings him into trouble with his employers and her strict father. His drug dealing Turkish-Australian co-worker, Mustafa (Nick Lathouris), is beaten up by the Greek-Australian owners. Thinking Carl told them, Mustafa attacks Carl. Carl accidentally stabs and kills him. He calls his friend, Dave (Clarke), a grave digger, and they bury Mustafa. This leads to one of the most famous scenes in the film—Dave’s idea that they bury the body in the opened grave of someone else whose husband will be buried above her the following day. Dave expects the coffin of the deceased to be comparatively empty, given how long it has been since she died. When he finds that the rate of decomposition is not what he expects, he begins to stomp and crush her body to make some room. Later, Mustafa’s wife and son come to the restaurant and ask Carl if they know what happened to Mustafa. Carl denies having any knowledge and is wracked with guilt. He gives Mustafa’s pay to his wife, even though Dave tells him that it might make him suspect. Later Mustafa’s son sees him at a pool with Sophie. Knowing that Sophie is also having a relationship with one of the Greek owners, Mustafa’s Turkish friends confront Carl. Believing the Greek owners to be responsible, they get their revenge on them, ironically killing the one who was originally responsible for beating Mustafa in the first place. Carl leaves his job and is later comforted when he sees Mustafa in the church (albeit, in a dream) who offers him a friendly handshake. After his domineering mother suffers a stroke and is left a quadraplegic, Carl marries Sophie, despite her father’s protests and the final scene from their wedding is reminiscent of the Last Supper. The famous Greek House (Sophie’ family house) Was filmed at 11 Marks St, Brunswick.

On this day …….. 29th April 1914

A accident happened in a rope mill in Melbourne on this day in 1914 to Claud Hodgson, 17 years of age. Hodgson was employed at Miller’s Rope Works, Brunswick, and was working at a twine winder, when he somehow got his arm caught in the twine, severing his arm.


ON THIS DAY – March 31, 2004

Masked gunmen entered the Brunswick Club on Sydney Road, Brunswick, at approximately 6.40pm on 31 March 2004, driving a Ford Falcon EF XR6 station wagon. Moran ran from his place at the bar, over a poker machine, through a glass window before the gunman caught up with him and shot him twice, the fatal bullet being fired into the back of his head from a few centimetres away. Associate Herbert “Bertie” Wrout was severely wounded but survived the attack. Keith Faure, his brother Noel Faure and associate Evangelos Goussis were charged with the murder. On 3 May 2006, Faure pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 19 years for the murders of Moran and Lewis Caine, who was killed two months after Moran. Former Kickboxing champ Goussis, 40, of Geelong was found guilty of Moran’s murder on 29 May 2008 in the Victorian Supreme Court. Goussis had stormed into the Brunswick Club and shot Moran as he cowered in a corner. Goussis and two others reportedly accepted a $150,000 contract from Tony Mokbel to kill Moran, the Victorian Supreme Court heard. After five days deliberation, the jury also found Goussis guilty of intentionally causing serious injury to Wrout, but not guilty of his attempted murder. Goussis was also convicted of murdering Caine. In February 2009, Goussis was sentenced to a minimum 30 years in prison for Moran’s murder. Lewis Moran was suspected in ordering the death of underworld Hitman Dino Dibra. On 7 May 2007, Carl Williams was convicted of commissioning Lewis Moran’s murder, and sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment. Williams died in Barwon prison, on 19 April 2010, as the result of an attack by a fellow inmate.


ON THIS DAY ………… 14th March 1933


The body of Grace Weston, aged 31, was found in a bedroom of her home on this day in 1933, with her throat cut. John McKenzie Weston, a butcher of Brunswick, was committed for trial by the Coroner, for the murder of his wife. The police alleged that in a signed statement he made to them Weston accused his wife of going out with another man. She promised to have nothing more to do with the man, but on the. 14th of March the man drove his wife home in a car. She told him she was going away with the man. That night he pushed her into the bedroom, locked the door, and cut her throat with a razor. A constable then smashed the door in and took him outside.


Murray McWilliams, a furrier, of North Melbourne, said he had known Mrs. Weston for about six months, and had seen her two or three times a week. He had taken her for drives in his car, but had done nothing improper. He promised Weston that he would not see her again, but on March 14 he saw her by chance, and offered to take her home, where she had an appointment. Later they had tea at St. Kilda, and drove to Black Rock. Mrs. Weston, did not appear to want to go home. On the way back, when they were nearing Weston’s home. Weston jumped on to the running board. Weston laid his hands on his wife. She screamed for help, and McWilliams struck Weston.



ON THIS DAY – March 7, 1910


At the Coronial enquiry into the death of Ernest Bishop, who was shot at Brunswick on the 7th of March 1910, a verdict of wilful murder was brought in against Frederick Frey, who was committed for trial.



ON THIS DAY – March 6, 1959


Two youths were today found guilty of manslaughter of a Fitzroy newsagent by a Supreme Court jury, which acquitted them of murder. They were Kenneth Graham Wilson, 17, labourer, of Jarvie Street, East Brunswick, and John McLaren Hazeldine, 19, labourer, of Barkley Street, Brunswick. The jury acquitted Michael John Anthony Corcoran, 15, of both murder and manslaughter. The jury added a rider requesting that Wilson’s and Hazeldine’s ages should be taken into consideration when the penalty was being fixed. Mr. Justice Lowe remanded both for sentence after saying he would call for pre sentence reports on them. All three had pleaded not guilty to having murdered John Colin Beadles, 43, news agent, of Nicholson Street, Fitzroy. Beadles died in hospital on March 8 from injuries which, the Crown claimed, were inflicted when he was battered on the head at his shop on March 6.



On this day ………… 22nd February 1914

On this day in 1914 a leopard escaped from its cage at the Melbourne Zoological Gardens, and was found prowling outside the room in which the director’s three daughters were sleeping. The director rushed at the animal, which escaped from the grounds and wandered to the suburb of Brunswick, where it got into the yard of a house and sprang at Miss Waters, who had just time to get inside the house and close the door in safety. A neighbour’s assistance was called in, and he shot the animal with a service rifle.