Join the team at Twisted History for a tour of the most dangerous street in Victoria (Little Bourke st). Little Bourke St or Chinatown is the oldest chinese community outside of Asia, and in a 150 years there has been close to 40 murders in just 3 blocks.  Come and explore the dark lanes of Melbourne forgotten history. For information and booking please call 1300 865 800

Rug up and join the team at Twisted History on this cold winters night on a Ghost tour or Investigation of the Geelong Gaol or a murder tour of Chinatown.

The Geelong Gaol has seen many people pass through its doors in its 142 year history.  Many of them would call this cold, impenetrable fortress home for a period of time.  Many would never leave it again ….

Chinatown is the oldest Chinese community outside of Asia.  It has been the scene of murders, crime, drugs and prostitution. Hear of Chinatowns links to some if the more infamous events in Victorian history such as the Gun Alley Murder, Eureka Stockade and Jack the Ripper.

For bookings, please call 1300865800

Have you joined the team at Twisted History for a tour you want forget……. From a ghost tour of Australia’s most haunt gaol, to a murder tour though the oldest chinese community out side of Asia, or a meal and paranormal investigation of a haunted hotel.  For information and bookings please call 1300865800

Have you joined us on the darker side of history in Chinatown yet?

Join Madam or Constable Strickland in the most dangerous street in the colony hearing tales of murder, crime, drugs and prostitution.  Hear of the connections to the Eureka Stockade, the Gun Alley murder, Jack the Ripper to name a but a few!

Do you have what it takes …….

Tours run for 90 minutes on Friday and Saturday nights.  Call 1300865800 for more information

Join the team at Twisted History this week for one of our famous tours, Ghost Tour of Geelong Gaol, Paranormal Investigation of Geelong Gaol or Chinatown Murder Tour. For information and bookings please call 1300 865 800

Have you explored Melbourne after dark.  Join the team at Twisted History for a Crime Tour you want forget.  Explore Carlton on Chinatown.  For information and bookings please call 1300865800

Have you explored the Darker Side of Victorias History

Join the team at Twisted History for a tour on the Darker Side of History.  Explore the haunted Geelong Gaol or the murderous lanes of Melbourne. For information and Bookings please call 1300 865 800

Not sure what to do this Easter weekend? Why not ‘hop’ onto one of the Twisted History tours!! We have availability left for Ghost and Investigation tours on Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday at the Geelong Gaol and Easter Saturday on a murder tour in Chinatown.  Call 1300865800 for more information and bookings

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Join the team this Labour Day long weekend at Geelong Gaol or in Chinatown in Melbourne.  Grab a few friends and join us on a ghost tour, investigation or dead time tour at Geelong Gaol or a Chinatown murder tour in Melbourne.

For more information and bookings, please call 1300865800

Thank you to all customers that joined us on tours in the Geelong Gaol, Chinatown and Carlton!  We hope to see you all again very soon!  Don’t forget our Special Investigation coming up on February 9 at the Blackwood Hotel!

We still have some spots left on tours this weekend!

  • Chinatown Murder Tour 8pm Friday
  • Carlton Murder Tour 10pm Friday – only 2 spots left
  • Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour 8pm Friday
  • Geelong Gaol Investigation 9.30pm Friday
  • Chinatown Murder Tour 8pm Saturday
  • Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour 10pm Saturday
  • Geelong Gaol Investigation midnight Saturday

Dont forget we have our special investigation at the Blackwood Hotel this Tuesday night!

For all tours, please call 1300865800