Paranormal Investigation of Cell 55

Geelong Gaol – March 2016.

Condemned Mans Cell 55 is located on the second level directly near the Gallows and is where the tried and convicted Convict’s would spend their last night alive. We believe we actively communicate with a hanged prisoner here James Murphy and you will see in the footage our Investigators questioning the Spirit present to communicate with us through the devices we have with us in this cell using EMF detectors, Ghost Meter Pro, K2 and a RemPod too. ALL devices are triggered! It was a great night for Ghost hunting!

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Have you ever wanted to search for your own evidence that paranormal truly exists? We have a small number of places on a 9.30pm investigation tonight.

Why not join us behind the walls of the Old Geelong Gaol with one of our experienced investigators, as they guide you to the “hotspots”. On this tour you will use a range of equipment to attempt to gather proof of the paranormal.

These investigations run 7 nights a week, check our website for times and our extended investigations on a Deadtime Tour or Lockdown.

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