On this day ………… 4th February 1896

The Tantanoola Tiger was seen on this day in 1896 by Mr Higgins, while ridding from Thoona to Dookie in North East Victoria, at a place known as Maloney’s paddock. Mr Higgins saw a strange animal cross the road ahead of him. He described it as being of a dull brown colour, the size of a large Newfoundland dog, and the general shape of a young lioness. Mr Higgins was carrying no weapon with him at the time, and wisely rode on.



On this day …….. 29th of January 1947

David Henry Ecketts, 32, broke out of Beechworth reformatory prison on this day. Ecketts was serving a two and a half years’ sentence for four counts housebreaking and stealing, larceny of a bicycle, and larceny from a dwelling. He was sentenced in April, 1945. He is described: 5ft 8in, brown hair, grey eyes, slight build. Has scars on the right wrist and nose, and both little fingers are deformed. DAVID H. ECKETTS Anyone knowing his whereabouts should notify the nearest police.



On this day …….. 25th of January 1872


Joseph Michael Molong, a School Master from Stony Creek near Yackandandah was committed to Mayday Hills Asylum on the 20th of March 1872. Molong escaped on the 25th of January 1873, and captured 27th of June .



On this day …….. 24th of January 1936

Warder McDonald who was on duty in No. 3 tower at Geelong gaol on the 24th of January 1936, prevented the escape of three prisoners from No. 5 exercise yard. The warders suspicions were aroused by the actions of the three men, and he made an immediate report to the Governor of the Gaol, Mr N E Tuohill, who sent a number of wardens to the yard. The wardens found that the mortar between a number of bricks in the wall had been gouged out and the openings filled with a mixture of moistened bread and mortar dust. One of the prisoners attacked a warder, striking him with a board, as well as biting and kicking him. The three men were sentenced to a further four months’ imprisonment, and the man who assaulted the warder to a further three months. All three prisoners were sent to Pentridge to complete their sentences.



While being transported to Australia in 1843, a Convict secretly stowed himself away in the hold of the Maitland. He had planned to arrive in Sydney unsuspected and then assume the role of a free settler. Having been missed, it was presumed he had just fallen over board and drowned. Six weeks after his disappearance, the captain suspected his champagne stores had been tampered with. During a search to ascertain whether there was a hidden entrance to the stores, the lost Convict was discovered. Later, the man was transported to Tasmania and again he made a dash for freedom. He was last seen paddling across the ocean in a stolen washing tub.


On this day …….. 5th of January 1943

On this day in 1943, Steven Stere, 25 years, escaped from Albury Gaol, where he had been imprisoned shortly after his escape from the Beechworth reformatory on November 16. His latest escape was made by clambering over a 20-foot wall, five minutes before the prison muster, when his absence was noticed. Albury police and gaol officials are combing the district, working on the theory that the escapee is hiding until nightfall, and then intends to move on. Stere’s description was: Five feet 11 inches tall, with fair hair, fair complexion and hazel eyes. He was dressed in gaol garb— a blue shirt with white duck trousers. Stephen Stere, alias Les Stephens, was charged with housebreaking, and was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment at Albury after his Beechworth escape. It was while serving -this sentence that he made his second escape. Had he completed his three months’ term he would have been returned to Victoria from Albury NSW to complete his reformatory detention.



An elephant escaped from a circus at Bentleigh on this night 12325201_220569964940806_1999547515_nin 1938, and walked into the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Mall. The elephant made a great mess of the garden before mounting the front verandah and tried to turn around an electric light fitting. While It stood there Mr. and Mrs. Mall made “shoo” noises and tried unsuccessfully to raise the local police. The elephant walked off and entered Mr. F. E. Humphrey’s garden next door. There it was secured and was taken home.