On this day …….. 24th September 1852

An interesting a attempt of an escape was made by three prisoner on the 24th of September 1852. Three prisoners, had by some means obtained possession of a small saw and a jemmy bar, which they used to cut away part of the roof, half an inch steal plate. The prisoners had also stollen fat from the kitchen which they carefully filled up the hole, remarkably matching the colour of the fat to the ceiling. Before the prisoners could escape Warden Brodie noticed the fat on the ceiling and on examining realised there was a large hole. Warden Brodie succeeded in getting the jemmy bar, but could not find the saw. Immediately on finding this out, the warden applied to the visiting Justice of the piece for an order to put the men in irons, which was granted.


On this day …….. 18th September 1868

Jacob Jobbles was transferred from Yarra Bend Asylum to the Beechworth Asylum on the 23rd of November 1867. Jobbles escape on the 18th of September 1868, he was on the run for 7 days.


On this day …….. 16th September 1947

A patient escaped from the Kew Mental Asylum. Any person who can give information that might lead to his apprehension is asked to contact the police immediately.: The patients’ – description is: Age- 23. years, 5 -feet 10 inches, dark hair-: and dark eyes, wearing Government issue grey’ – shirt, dark – overcoat, black’ boots, light grey hat” with black band.


On this day …….. 13th September 1949

Cyril Anthony Ashiev a 38 year old patient who was described as a thief who
escaped from the Beechworth Mental Hospital on the 13th of September 1949. Local residents have been reminded to take there keys out of there cars and lock their vehicles, shed and homes.


On this day …….. 11th September 1896

A lunatic named Coghlan escaped from the Kew Asylum on 11th of September 1896. At about 10.30 a.m. Constable W. Whiddett, who was witching near the bridge on the Flemington road, saw a man approaching shouting and gesticulating. Whiddett in a moment concluded that the man was the escaped lunatic. The constable, in an apparently unconcerned way, bade him good-day, and asked ” if he was going far.” The lunatic made some incoherent reply, and attempted to pass the officer. In a moment Whiddett threw himself on the man and tried to manacle him. With a violent effort the lunatic freed himself, and. upon being again seized, struck the constable in the face, terribly bruising one of his eyes. The constable fought with the man for fully a quarter of an hour, and was thrown several times and had his face cut. Just about the time that bis strength was failing two tramway employes arrived and helped him to secure the lunatic, who was afterwards conveyed back to the Kew Asylum.


On this day …….. 10th September 1881

The police have received information that a very dangerous lunatic named Joshua
Dunston escaped from the Sunbury Asylum about 4 o’clock on the afternoon of the 10th of September, by over the wall while his guardian’s back was turned. He is twenty-seven years of age, about 6ft. high, and has dark hair all round his face. He was dressed in a suit of white corduroy, and black felt hat. He has escaped previously, and then made for Melbourne. It is expected he has done so on toe present occasion.


On this day …….. 9th September 1902

Hugh M’Leod a patient who escaped from the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, North East Victoria on the 9th of September 1902 was arrested at Rutherglen wearing a woman’s hat and carrying a tomahawk in his hand. He was taken back to Beechworth Asylum.


On this day …….. 9th September 1902

Hugh M’Leod a patient who escaped from the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, North East Victoria on the 9th of September 1902 was arrested at Rutherglen wearing a woman’s hat and carrying a tomahawk in his hand. He was taken back to Beechworth Asylum.


On This Day ……. 7th September 1948

On the 7th of September 1948, Lions were loose at the Melbourne zoo at the height of the storm at 3am., but the zoo authorities said they were only little ones. They were the three six months’ old cubs, Wally, Stew, and Flo. They escaped when a tree smashed their cage in the pets corner. The head keeper (Mr. S. Campbell) heard the crash of the falling tree about 3am. He went hunting for the cubs, and soon shepherded two of them into an undamaged cage. The third was found four hours later squatting dejectedly among a number of unconcerned kangaroos in the Australian section.


On This Day ……. 6th September 2012

Reports that lions escaped the visiting Lennon Bros Circus in Stawell, Western Victoria, have been exposed as a hoax. Social network website Facebook went into overdrive with rumours that a lion was on the loose around the town. Cheryl Lennon, manager of Lennon Bros Circus, said the reports are “far from the truth.” Mrs Lennon found out about the rumours after members of the circus were asked about the supposed escape when in the town’s main street. A caller rang Melbourne radio station 3AW’s Neil Mitchell program, claiming to be ‘Ash Lennon’ from the circus and said the lions had escaped. The caller gave out Mrs Lennon’s personal phone number to the radio station and she took the airwaves to dismiss the rumour. “I’ve clarified and confirmed that we have three lions laying here, catching a bit of sun,” Mrs Lennon said. Mrs Lennon believed the rumours had stemmed from the circus being cancelled Wednesday night due to bad weather. “What has happened is that we had a show due to start at 7pm and it was cancelled due to the wind. The wind lifted up the front entrance, the back door frame lifted off and my ticket stall fell over,” she said. “We made the call to evacuate people purely for their safety. We let people know that it was because of the weather and fully refunded their tickets.” Mrs Lennon said if a lion had escaped, the circus would have let authorities know immediately. “We certainly would be notifying authorities, such as the police and SES (State Emergency Service) first,” she said. This is not the first time the circus has had rumours about lions escaping from their enclosure. Mrs Lennon told The Stawell Times-News it had happened to her brother-in-law when they visited Cranbourne ‘but not to this extent.’ “A lady rang the council telling them a lion had escaped. It was far from the truth.” The circus re-assured members of the public the lions are not missing. “Believe me, trust me – they’re there. They’re not going anywhere,” Mrs Lennon said.


On this day …….. 5th September 1949

A strange creature reportedly seen in the Murray River, Mildura on this day in 1949, may have been a trained seal or sea-lion. One escaped from a travelling menagerie in Wangaratta about two years earlier, and was believed to have slipped into a river.


On this day …….. 1st September 1936

Claimed to be the world’s largest performing elephant, Cissie, owned by Ashton Brothers travelling circus, nearly ended her career at Buninyong on the morning of the 1st of September 1936. The elephant was entering the circus allotment behind a line of 45 horses, when she fell through a shell of earth covering what appeared to be the subsidence of an old mining shaft, nearly 10 feet deep. The elephant gave a wild bound upward, and scrambled, out of what appeared to be an Impossible predicament. In the sudden fall, the elephant’s rider was tossed 20 feet away, but escaped with abrasions and bruises. Cissie’s tusks were broken in two pieces.