On this day …… 29th January 1932

The Lady Loch has set of on her quarterly round of the Victorian and Tasmanian lighthouses. To tho children living in these Isolated areas she is known as the Santa Claus ship. At this time of the year there is something more than household stores on hoard. Books, dolls, beads, almonds and raisins, and a variety of toys form part of the cargo. More than 80 children will participate in the pleasure of receiving these gifts, which have been Bent from Victoria, so that, in their Isolation, they will not be cheated of the pleasure of receiving some thing from Santa Claus. Through the enthusiasm of Miss Alice, Orrong Road, Elsternwick, a consignment of good has been forwarded as Christmas gifts to the lighthouse children for the last eight years. This time parcels of fancy work have been included,’ so that the mothers will not feel neglected. Eager eyes will scan tho horizon for a first glimpse of the Santa Claus ship long before the Lady Loch ls due. It will not be long before the children at Cape Otway and Gabo Island will be opening their, parcels, but the bairns in the lonely spots along the Tasmanian coast will still have to bide a week.

On This Day – January 3, 1884

The Government steamer Despatch will leave Hobson’s Bay on the 10th inst., under the command of Captain Anderson, for the purpose of officially inspecting the lighthouses, buoys, and beacons on the western coast as far as Cape Otway, and along the eastern coast up to Gabo Island. The Cape Otway, Gabo Island, Wilsons Promontory,
and Cape Schanck lighthouses will be inspected, and the half yearly stores and suppiles delivered, and a careful survey will be made of the buoys, beacons, and jetties at Apollo Bay, Lorne, Blanket Bay, and the other inlets along the south and west coast.  The trip is expected to extend over a period of about 10 days.