Blackwood Hotel is a great haunted location in Victoria close to Ballarat. Fantastic meals, and open fireplace for those cold and foggy nights. Three known hauntings ……. will you see the ghost of Laura Dalton.

The cellar also doubled as the town morgue.

On this day …….. 8th of December 1903

The residents of Snake Valley, in the Ballarat district, have been troubled, lately by a fowlyard thief, who is carrying on operations under the protecting influence of the flowing white robes of the traditional ghost. On this night in 1903 John Ryan endeavoured to recover a bird stolen from his yard, by pursuing the ghost with a stout stick. When the thief found his pursuer gaining upon him he drew a revolver and threatened to shoot if Ryan advanced. As the ghost apparently meant business, Ryan returned home

On this day ………… 6th November 1920

Whether recent demonstrations by spiritualists in Melbourne or the defeat of the prohibition party at the polls, had an unsettling effect on the nerves of peaceable citizens cannot be definitely established said the Melbourne Age, but people in Abbotsford have been seeing a ghost. At any rate, they think they have seen one.

A female apparition appeared at an old house in Nicholson Street, Abbotsford, and people have been flocking to the locality at night to see it. The ghost story, too, has improved with circulation, having gained, notoriety with additional details of a murder in the house, the periodical return of the murdered woman’s spirit, and so forth.  The ghost was nothing more than a remarkable reflection thrown on the wall by a street lamp, the rays of which strike the verandah post and cast a reflection resembling a woman’s head. This reflection has been in existence for many years, but it is only within the past few days it has become the subject of much public interest.

On this night in 1920, four police constables in Nicholson-street ”moving on’ the crowds of ghost seekers, who numbers were estimated, between 400 and 500 people.

On this day …….. 18th September 1874

A man whose Iname is unknown, and who it is believed is a lunatic escaped from the Yarra Bend Asylum, has been frightening women and children at Hawthorn and the neighbourhood by going about enveloped in a sheet and personating a ghost. One young girl named Brookfield, a servant, was so frightened by his antics and appearance that she had a succession of fits and had to be sent home. The man has since then,” it is said, been found drowned in a waterhole, at Boroondara.


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Paranormal Investigation with the REM-Pod Device

The REM-Pod is one of our Ghost hunting device choices we use here at the Geelong Gaol to capture spirit activity. The REM-Pod emits an ElectroMagnetic field and with its tall antenna therefore detects anything that moves into that field that then sets of the internal devices alarm. We place the RemPod in our field of Investigation; kitchen bench, Stairwells, Surgical table, Morgue Autopsy table to name a few, then if the device is triggered and we (the humans) are not in the vicinity of the device, neither bugs or debris of any kind, then we may class it as paranormal.

Via active Investigation we have had strong spirit evidence in the East Wing stairs where the RemPod alarm is most always triggered by the spirit of a little girl, in a cell on the third level where a convict spirit resides, is triggered in the Condemned Cell near the Gallows trapdoor and many other evidence based captures too.

If you would like to join the team at Twisted History on a Paranormal Investigation tour, we run seven nights a week using various ghost hunting devices. To book call 1300865800.

Sunday Paranormal Spot – K2 EMF Detector

We use the K2 as one of our most popular devices whilst Ghost Hunting to detect any Electro Magnetic Field that may be present, and the varied range of detection tells us how strong the field range is or its intensity. Once turned on the green light will be illuminated then once a EMF detection occurs the light illuminates according to the fields it has detected ranging up to the red 20milligawls of energy; an elecrto magnetic energy phenomena is given off when there is a Spirit around. We as Investigators, walk around with the device in our hand and place the device too on areas of interest: seats, walls, graves, shelves – anywhere we see fit during our investigation, with the hope that a detection will be made. We also call for any Spirits that can hear us to come forward and come close to us and the device and trigger the meter. We can also use this K2 device to actively communicate with us via triggering the device to our line of questioning as an answer to our enquiries. You will also see below we have used the K2 on an experiment in the Dentist Surgery where we have detected spirit and out line of questioning is asking the spirit to choose which substance he/they liked from our display on the floor- in this case Bourbon was chosen by lighting up the K2 which is situated on the left on the picture.


On this day ………… 10th March 1879

An ‘extraordinary supernatural occurrence’ took place on the coast north of Port MacDonnell in 1879 and created a great sensation. Walter and William Carrison had been at work for some little time obtaining oil from a stranded whale. A few days later they were out shooting and did not return to their tent until nightfall. Just at twilight William Carrison was loading his gun for a last shot, when all at once he heard a hideous yell and, turning his eyes in the direction from which the sound came, he observed what appeared to be a man of rather unusually tall stature making towards him. Carrison looked with a fixed gaze at the object and it appeared so weird and unearthly that his blood began to chill and his hair to bristle. On it came and as it approached yelled again. Carrison then put a cap on his gun and, taking aim, fired at the object which appeared to sink into the ground out of sight and left no trace behind. At the same time Walter Carrison, who was about a mile from his brother, saw a similar apparition and, having his gun loaded and capped at the time, fired. The object, too, appeared to have felt the shot and melted into thin air. Later, it was the general belief that the ghost, or ghosts, were of some persons who had been murdered near the spot where they were seen.



On this day ………… 13th February 1888

An interesting sighting was viewed at White Hills, near Bendigo on this day in 1888. Described as a most marvellous phenomenon happening between 730pm and 8pm Through opening in the trees planted in the street could be seen the appearance, apparently of numberless vehicles, which were in quick succession following one another on the top of the hill though above the ground, and going down towards the White Hills Cemetery. There was no clouds in the sky. The objects were viewed for 20 minutes or more, and in all that time it moved along without ceasing.


On this day ………… 3rd February 1934

The ghost or Oscar Wilde, the aesthetic poet of the 1890’s, is reported to be disturbing Tony Kelly, an Australian undergraduate at Oxford. Kelly is athletic, plays ice hockey, and is not given to fancies. He says: ‘Last night I was in bed at 11.30, and could not sleep, I could sense some one was in the room, and saw a tall man in an old-fashioned jacket, and a loose-flowing tie, standing near the window. He began to pace the room. I spoke to him, but received no answer. I put out my hand, which seemed to go through him. Finally, he walked out of the room at a corner where there is no door. I now find that Oscar Wilde occupied these rooms when he wrote the poem, ‘Ravenna,’ with which he won the Newdigate Prize.’



On this Day …….. 22nd of January 1903

The terrible results that may follow dangerous pranks of malicious persons, who occasionally resort to the practice of acting the ghost, were illustrated by a case heard at Ballarat on this day. A lad, employed as telegraph messenger, was charged with having broken into a house and stolen a diamond ring. It transpired that early last winter the boy was frightened by one of these so-called ghosts, and so great was the shock that two medical men stated in Court that in their opinion the lad is not now responsible for his actions, owing to the effect upon his mind. The charge was reduced to one of larceny, and the boy was fined £10.